1. Mr.Kickass

    Nokia Lumia 525 pictured in leaked images

    The best thing that they have done: Buffed the RAM to a full gig(1 GB) :mrgreen: (Source) The GSMarena team was a day late in reporting, but who cares (Source)
  2. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] Resistance 3

    1. Product on sale: Resistance 3 2. Price: 745/- shipped. 3. Reason for sale: finished playing the game. 4. Product condition: 9.9/10. scratchless! 5. Date of purchase: Exactly one week back. 6. Location of products/seller: Thane 7. Preferred courier agency: DTDC 8. Money transaction...
  3. dashing.sujay

    Central Monitoring System (CMS) ; thoughts

    Preview: PRISM, and now this. I'm happy for the fact that at least it's not happening under the hood as PRISM. Still, do we need to worry ? Why ? > No rules, regulations or whatever have been defined or stated, to clear the boundaries of the intriguing CMS. > Officials beholding the power...
  4. Anish

    Indian intelligence agency

    Everyone probably would know about Indian intelligence agency RAW. But its sad to note that there is no dedicated website for them from the year 1968!!:shock: But see the FBI (www dot fbi dot gov) The website is very much sophesticated. IT has a section for fun and games(like cracking codes.)...
  5. paroh

    S. Korean Web sites hit by suspected cyber attack

    SEOUL, South Korea – Suspected cyber attacks paralyzed Web sites of major South Korean government agencies, banks and Internet sites in a barrage that appeared linked to similar attacks in the U.S., South Korean officials said Tuesday. The sites of 11 organizations including the...
  6. The Conqueror

    Powerful earthquakes strike Asia

    Two powerful earthquakes have struck the north-eastern Indonesian Moluccas islands and Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, triggering tsunami alerts. The first, which had a magnitude of 6.6, occurred at 0902 (0002 GMT) about 120km (75 miles) north of the city of Ternate, the US Geological...
  7. Ponmayilal

    Japan launches high speed internet satellite

    Source: * TOKYO (AFP) - Japan successfully launched Saturday an experimental satellite aimed at providing high-speed Internet access across Asia, even when terrestrial infrastructure goes down, the space agency said. The...
  8. dhawald

    choosing the right hosting package

    i want to host multiple domains. please suggest which is te best agency providing web space with multiple domains at reasonable price
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