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  1. D

    Online Exam Centre Setup

    Hey guys,so i am about bidding for the contract of setting up a computer testing centre of about 500 PC, but i'm feeling a little uneasy though i know i can pull it off.The client is requesting the use of thin clients instead of traditional desktops as a means of saving cost, but im of the...
  2. U

    Buying PC components from US

    I was just looking at the hardware price of some of the components and it’s seems that it’s way cheaper in US. Lowest prices on Asus Sabertooth 990FX at Pricewatch | Page 1 Just wanted to know…. 1) Is it normally cheaper in US 2) Is it advisable to buy in US and then carry it to...
  3. K

    Freeware software

    Hi Guys, Any best free internet security software? Can you recommend a paid software,if freeware not ADVISABLE? Can you provide the link on this?
  4. J


    Hi, Whats its advantage over traditional windows based systems? Hows its software? Can we use MS offfice 2010 on it? Is it advisable to purchase? Hows service backup?
  5. R2K

    keeping PC on(24/7)-advice

    Recently i got a BSNL 750 Unlimited internet connection with a Wifi router for providing wifi connectivity for laptops and cellphones in the house . Also i have a spare desktop PC (AMD Sempron 2.8 GHz, 1 GB DDR3, ECS motherboard, 450 watts PSU, 160 GB IDE + DVD/CDRW combo drive) which remains...
  6. K

    Overclocking GTS 450

    Hi, i have a Zotac GTS 450 . I was thinking about overclocking it . Is it advisable to do it? If so , how do i go about it ?? Any help would be nice . Thanks :razz:
  7. enticer86

    Urgent advise needed

    Hello frnds. My current config. is Intel Celeron CPU 2.00Ghz (original chipset) with Intel 845Dglly series MOBO 512 MB RAM (properties show 504MB) WinXP SP3 My father told me he wants to get it updated. Would it b advisable to get Dual Core? I mean would it actually improve speed...
  8. ramsingh

    new 120mm fan..where 2 add??

    got a new 120mm fan .. now i have *ir*le 814 *abinet..thee is a 80 mm fan at front end and one at end(120 mm).. now i am thinking of repla*ing the 80mm fan with this 120mm fan.. is it advisable?? if not where 2 *onne*t fan.. i dont * any other fan atta*hing positions in *abinet..
  9. H

    Mobo For Amd 6000+

    Current config is AMD 3000+ AM2 Asus M2NPV-VM 1GB Transcend 667MHz RAM thinking of replacing proc with an AMD 6000+. But would it be OK if I keep the old MOBO...it is compatible all right, but would it be advisable ? or do I have to spend 4-5K on an descent MOBO???
  10. P

    buying used mobiles

    I asked one of the stores here. they have w810i for around 5k. Is it advisable to go for used mobiles. what are the things to look out for? new one costs 9k.
  11. H

    Suggest best Configuration

    Hi all I am keen to upgrade my present 5 year old PC( which is a P4 Intel,512 MB, 40GB HDD) I find it slow. Would appreciate input on a good configuration with suggestions on which brands of hardware etc. My requirements are: Photo Editing Video Music Games Office Broadband Voip...
  12. S

    time to flock "FLOCK"?

    is it advisable to switch over to d new web browser? flock browser
  13. M

    gforce ti

    hi, what is it advisable to go in for a geforce 4 ti now.... if so what is the price(new).
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