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I asked one of the stores here. they have w810i for around 5k. Is it advisable to go for used mobiles. what are the things to look out for? new one costs 9k.


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Check all the keys . check if there is any warranty available or if the dealer can give you any warranty.Buy only if the dealer promises to to give back money if any problem arises within a day or two . And again 4-4.5k is what you should give him , new one costs 8.7k.


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check this code for testing and checking software version & other testing...

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I couldnt but that phone. Now they have w810i just months old with warranty without headset for 7k and k810i with headset, mem card and all for 9.5k.

Is it the right price for k810i??


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for that price tag look for chinese phones as they have met with warranty now :D

or w200i or NOKIA 3110 CLASSIC
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