1. TheHumanBot

    Software/Utility To XP Administration

    Hello, does anyone know any utility or software like shown in screenshot? i don't want to use this one so looking for other alternative. Thanks in advance.
  2. A

    Q about .net course

    hi im net to programming i have done my ccna and mcse i want to do .net now can anyone help me with the details of the course and what kind of job i can get by doing that course im interestes in system administration and if .net is not suitable for me i will do rhce. -thanks.
  3. M

    Restricting a Standard user in vista

    hi, how can i restrict standard user in vista from accessing a particular drive or programme in vista. recently i changed some options using group policy editor but when i logged in as administration the same restrictions were applied to admin also. please help me?
  4. arunks

    How to do linux administration

    I know basics of linux and currently using ubuntu ..earlier i have used few more versions like redhat,fedora,suse etc. Plz guide me whats the scope of linux administration .. i have done B.E. in CS.. i like to do linux administration.. which book should i read and how can i practice...
  5. MetalheadGautham

    Distance education based certificate course in linux administration

    Hi all. I am looking for a good course which I can do at leisure from home on linux administration and get a certification for the same. Preferably it will be something like IGNOU. Is there any institute which offers it ?
  6. Renny

    Career guidence required.

    Hi, I've just finished 2nd PUC(Class 12), What are the courses that can be done in the field of software, computers, IT, system administration, animation etc. ? Please also mention the sort of paycheck I can expect for the courses you suggest.
  7. iMav

    Why gx was banned

    Message by GX, Im posting on his behalf he can login but cant post or do anything ;)
  8. R

    Programmer in BPO

    what is hot? 1. Working as developer in software company (.Net) 2. Working in technical side in BPO (system administration) please help me to choose one from these
  9. Sanchit

    Help with phpBB

    Please tell me what is an SMTP Server. I want to send mass email through administration panel.
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