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  1. shreymittal

    Windows 7 activation problem.

    Hey guys i ve bought win 7 home basic for my pc in mid 2011 but now my pc is not accepting the key and keep showing error "please enter another key" please i can't activate my win7 Help Needed.
  2. M

    Is there any online PC stores accepting paypal?

    i want to purchase some PC parts through online and pay via paypal. Is there any stores accepting paypal? any idea?
  3. veddotcom

    Oracle 8i Installing Problem in XP

    I Installed Oracle 8i in my PC using XP,Immediatly After Installing It was Running Fine, Means It was Accepting SCOTT TIGER, But After Restarting its not Accepting SCOTT-TIGER or SYSTEM-MANAGER, Why this is SO? What Should i Do now? I Installed Oracle Personal Edition, I m Using Winxp...
  4. shift

    utorrent speed

    i get average speed of 40kbps (100+ seeds) is this normal? is there any way to accelerate the speed? i have Airtel 384kbps Unlimited thanks PS: i can't find a similar thread so i created this new one
  5. victor_rambo

    Paypal not accepting my Axis bank internation gold debit card. Need alternative.

    Hi all, I need to make a small payment through PayPal. I have an Axis bank international gold debit card with a Visa logo on it. paypal is not accepting my debit card. I need an alternative. Please suggest one. Will virtual credit cards(VCC) help me? how much time does it take for me to get a...
  6. fakkadbaba

    Intex DVD

    The 5.1 DVD which I had got as free gift on subscribing to DIGIT has suddenly stopped recognising original and recorded CDs (both audio and video). It is only accepting and recognising DVDs now. What could be the likely problem and how can I overcome/rectify it. Plz help.
  7. S

    Thunder bird 2 is accepting only gmail

    Thunderbird 2 is accepting only gmail as outgoing server and not aol.....even if i set aol as default outgoing server......my server config 4 aol is correct im sure abt that...pls help
  8. A

    doubt with dataone usage

    hi ppl, plz help me.. my friend gave me his username and pw . i need to use it from my pc. when i type in the username and pw as admin the site s not accepting them.what should i do?? how do i do it. and moreover i m not able to access ay of my mail accounts (yahoo,gmail,okut even) wat do i...
  9. ravi_9793

    Free Cpanel Hosting (no ads,no pop ups)

    helo friends........ Finally I have started my own hosting company after months of planing,study and some investment. I am offering both free and paid C-panel hosting (starting Rs. 200 per year). Free Hosting is available only to limited number. www.TechieHost.org...
  10. nileshgr

    Gmail is accepting direct signups!!!!

    Hello!!!!!, Did you ever think of having a Gmail account? But you did not have any friend who could give you Gmail. Now its the good news that GMAIL IS ACCEPTING DIRECT SIGNUPS. YOU DO NOT NEED ANY MOBILE PHONE TO SIGN UP!!! SIGN UP FOR GMAIL ;)
  11. M

    Barring Incoming Calls.

    I have a Nokia 3230 mobile with a Hutch Connection. I want to bar all incoming calls for a while.So can any of you kind Gents please tell me how do i go about doing it. I went to the Hutch website. Link In the main screen if i enter i get the response that "Request Not Completed". I...
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