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  1. pulkitpopli2004

    USB 3.0 is dis really important?

    wht do u think guys? while buying a mobo, shud we consider abt the USB3.0 port?? dere are very few Mobo dat offer dis feature... are devices present in market using USB3.0??? is dis port imp. in making a PC future proof for arnd 2 yr atleast from compatibility pt of view?? And yes i...
  2. m-jeri

    GSkill 2GB RAM/X-Fi + I/O Drive/OCZ 700W PSU/Few more..

    Hi All... Location: Trivandrum, Kerala. Terms and Condition: 1. No personal/testing warranty, Refunds or anything. Manufacturer warranty left for items mentioned. else none. 2. No price negotiations/drops possible. 3. Do you own research for intd items. 4. Shipping is Extra and at buyers...
  3. hskpunjabi

    Need help abt nokia c5

    Hi friends,plz give reviews abt nokia c5 some shopkeeprs r saying it has issues,bt nokia priority says it works fine[if anyboday hv bought one plz help] what abt sony's yari,c903...[budget up to 12k]
  4. hskpunjabi

    Need new phn @ approx 8k

    Hi friends,i'm using nokia 6303c currently n happy wid it,my brother liked the phn n wants me to buy one for him too..now either i should buy one more 6303 or some other phn [for me a smartphn,as i would give 6303 to bro] n budget is abt 8k. 5230 n' c5 looks good,i hv seen c5's dummy,it looks so...
  5. G

    Job unveils iPhone 4

    iPhone4 unveiled at WWDC Good keynote...i find one thing funny...he was talking abt 5MP Camera...wtf 5MP for 200$ phone... Retina thing is good
  6. arshadmajeed

    water cooling

    how much does a basic water cooling setup cost 8-)8-) thanks @asigh-im sry,i ws asking abt water cooling my frnd says we can get it at 3000inr starting
  7. S

    Dell LCD Monitor or other HDMI enable monitor

    Hey I want some info what and which model give HDMI in monitor of 22'' i seen Dell Monitor: 11000/- in pune shop. i am tempted for it. But i m worried about the sevice and warrenty!!!! As like samsung and lg the warrenty is available as the LCD monitor are sold sepeately by comapnies...
  8. P

    WantToBuy: OLD HDD drives

    Hey frnds i m looking for old hdd drives of any size starting from 40gb. Flood my inbox with ur offers with complete details abt their warranty and if possible pics .I m from delhi.:razz:
  9. User Name

    Need J2me tutorial / Book

    Hi Can any one suggest any ebook / book /tutorial for J2ME. I know nothing abt j2me. Also how to modify existing j2me prog?
  10. D

    Digit Medicos

    Hi all! All the medicos who regularly visit digit pls report here.. Lets introduce ourselves.. Show that doctors can also be tech geeks.... Abt me: My name is vishnu and im now in final yr MBBS. Im studying in karnataka... Cheers!!!
  11. B


    Can anyone tell me abt telnetting, how to use it from scratch? i want every term explained.....
  12. R


    hi ppl.... i have a linksys router wrt54g2 its a cisco based wifi router which i was using myself for connecting to internet using airtel broadband in bangalore ... i had set it up for connecting with wired line and wirelessly but now im shifted to lucknow here there isnt an option of...
  13. speedyguy

    Xbox 360 hangs

    A few times there was a red light glowing at startup bt now it hangs or freezes aftr running abt a few minutes. I suspect thr s a heating issue. But wat shud i do abt it? Itsa 2006 model so out of warranty. Waiting fr ur reply. Thanx in advance. Enjoy~!
  14. R

    How to access a domain mail address?--Please c inside

    If a email address is like this username@company-name.com eg: santhosh@microsoft.com How to access that email address if i have the password also..Or if i want to create a e-mail address with my companyname.com how do i do that? Sry abt my English am not able to explain clearly... Please reply...
  15. moshel

    Cheap Digicams

    please suggest me a cheap digicam. but ofcourse from good manufacturers, preferably Canon. All i want the cam to do is take good quality pictures. I was very much satisfied with my Sanyo Xacti 4.1mp digicam (R.I.P)... budget is abt 3k-4k.
  16. Y

    Best Laptop for college...

    Hi guys, I wish to buy a laptop within a budget of 45-50k. I will be going for MBA, so will require 1 for presentations, word, net and some gaming. Can you guys suggest something which I can buy? Apart from Dell, I have liked one from HP, HP DV2. 12" laptop. it costs abt 43k and has AMD...
  17. detonator2359

    wanna know abt HD4770

    hi frnd's can i get reviews abt hd4770
  18. O

    how is this laptop to buy PLZ HELP !!!!!

    hello ppl i m abt to buy a laptop i hav a budget of 35k i hav seen some laptops but there are hardly any good laptops in my budget now what i expect from my laptop is as follows intel or amd is not a concern minimum 2GHz minimum 2gb ram (support for 800MHz ddr2) minimum fsb 800Mhz minimum gb...
  19. S

    Laptop buying

    Iam planning to buy a new laptop. My friend suggested HP G60t. Can anyone let me know more abt the model? Which year this was introduced extra.... All suggestions are invited...Thank you Kavitha.S
  20. Z

    Intersted in Dell XPS Studio 16. Any other suggestions?

    I've narrowed my search onto a Dell XPS Studio 16 config. My budget is 70k. I've selected Vista Home Premium 64 bit coz i wanted 4gb ram. What I like abt the XPS 16 is it supports DDR3 (which Im particular abt). However, the only thing thats stopping me from picking it is its PXXXX processor...
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