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  1. N

    Huawei Google Nexus 6P – First Impressions Review

    Google’s Nexus devices have always strived to be the epitome of technological expertise and finesse. However, in the eyes of the modern day smart-phone user, the brand has sometimes not quite lived upto its expectations. But that seems to have changed this time around with the all new Nexus 6P...
  2. Alok

    Microsoft Hololens

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AADEqLIALk https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=162&v=xnrHFV34PfM VR headsets, or more specifically the Oculus Rift, have really kickstarted (pun intended) the imaginations of developers. All of a sudden, the VR dream that was laughed off as too geeky and incredibly...
  3. ithehappy

    Buying a super cheap laptop tomorrow. Please advice

    Guys I need a laptop. I browse a lot, read things a lot, and I am using my i7 980 desktop with GTX770 for that, and that's just horrible. So wanna buy a cheap laptop tomorrow. What are my options? Budget is strictly limited to 22-25k (as low as possible basically). So what I need in short, -...
  4. pranav0091

    Laptop from the US, under $1000

    A friend of mine is going stateside within a week and would like to buy a laptop for under $1000. It will be used only for general computing purposes,music, movie watching and browsing. Absolutely no gaming, she's a girl. So lightweight laptops are preferred. Need reliability and VFM...
  5. azzu

    [Want to Buy] A smartphone

    want to buy a smart phone (win7 or andro ) requirements -->Hi-res screen (preferably large scree size) -->Should be able to play 720p videos out of box -->Good camera -->Absolutely scratch less screen --> Approx 10k open for all options :D my place : Hyderabad
  6. sid_sh85

    GFX Query 2

    Hi guys...Thanks to all of ur inputs & timely help, i had zeroed in on the Sapphire HD5670 1gb...However during Diwali my budget increased to arnd 8.5k & also after performing some research on the internet, i found that the Zotac GTS450 1gb & Powercolor HD5770 fit in my budget very well...Now i...
  7. M

    Wi-fi problem

    Hey guys, my config is... a modem - wifi router - pc. i am able to use the internet on my pc absolutely fine. but when i use wifi on my laptop or on my phone, iam not able to upload files sometimes, open some websites sometimes....What could be the issue.? When i face these problems i...
  8. L

    Chrome OS screenshots + my take on it ;)

    Chrome OS....... u can define this OS in only one sentence: A version of Linux that's so easy that anyone who knows English and can use a keyboard/mouse can use, with absolutely no training required.... :) http://img33.imageshack.us/i/40875717.jpg/...
  9. shivkumar

    Help needed Blank screen in ubuntu

    MY ubuntu installation gone kaput. please help me. I tried to take snapshot of while using some compiz eye candy. Suddenly i got a message that /home/******/Desktop folder is not present. and the system logged off from GUI. after logging in again I found that only wallpaper is coming and...
  10. G

    Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 vs Altect Lansing MX-5021

    Which one is better? My requirements/conditions: 1. Has to be 2.1 or 2.0 2. Preferably should be one of these two. (Please suggest worthy alternatives if you are aware of any) 3. Will be used with a dedicated sound card. 4. Should have a TIGHT low end with absolutely ZERO muddiness/cheap boom...

    Pioneer unveils 400GB Blu-ray disc

    It gets better and better. This will compete against the 1Tb disks as the technology will be cheaper if the commercial 1Tb emerges. Imagine how much movies, porn, games etc you can burn away...a lot I say! PS4 will have huge games if they use the BR tech and it will not be as expensive...
  12. Dishant

    xfx 8600gt not working

    8600gt not working hello guys, my xfx 8600gt crad is showing as "Standard VGA graphics adapter" in Device Manager. i mean i can not install it's drivers bcoz it says no such hardware found.i can not run Aero also. Even in xp it's not working now. the problem came after i installed my new WD...
  13. Prathamesh_Mouse_Driver

    Linux questions

    Hi Friends, Can anyone tell me... 1.Where could I get original Linux i.e. Gnu/Linux in Mumbai? Do they give it for absolutely free? 2.Which linux flevours are 'absolutely free' and user friendly(linke windows)? and where could I get them? 3.Can I modify them all i.e. Gnu/Linux and all others...
  14. entrana

    Weird toilets around the world

    guys u gotta check this out its absolutely hilarious.. http://www.jimmyr.com/blog/Toilets_from_Around_World_226_2007.php
  15. M

    Do P990i and K750i support 8 GB MMC?

    Hey Guys, Just read in some threads that 8 GB MMC is supported on P990i and K750i. Is it true? I'm planning to get an 8 GB MMC from the US, but I'm a bit scared since I'm not absolutely sure if it's compatible. Can anyone throw more light on this please?
  16. G


    hey can ayone tell me how can i use voip to make absolutely free call(if that is possible) i really need it so i'll be thanksfull if u ppl can help me i wanna make phone calls to my frind living in other country i heard abt voip but i dont know how to use it what tools i'll need and if it is...
  17. abhijit_reddevil

    Microsoft fishes for phishers, sues worldwide

    Some good deeds by MS, except creating a bug-filled windows.:p :smile: Source: http://www.tgdaily.com/2006/11/22/microsoft_sues_phishers/ At last we can be absolutely safe while doing online shopping or internet banking.
  18. M

    DRM audio could be removed legally?

    Hey there! I guess "Digital Rights Management" seems to be a misnomer. Rights are taken away with its usage!!! It restricts the fair use rights of consumers... I've become Napster consumer and bought a couple of music there... but I had absolutely no idea that the usage of my mp3-player &...
  19. C

    Yippeee! I won the Distrowatch competition!

    Yippeee! I won the Distrowatch competition! See http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=current I'll be getting the book "Beginning Ubuntu Linux: From Novice to Proffessional" ABSOLUTELY FREE:) Just wanted to share with u all.... Cheers Yasser
  20. desertwind

    Cheapest Phone with Modem

    Which one is the cheapest phone with inbuilt modem. I just want to connect to internet via gprs. absolutely no other use. Any make will do
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