1. stonecaper

    aac 64KBPS Or mp3 128 KBPS VBR?

    I just want to know if The quality would be same of a 64 kbps aac File or a 128 kbps VBR mp3 file for the same song.plz advise p.s. I use Mediacoder to transcode my mp3 files to aac With nero encoder HE-AAc v2 [Quality 25%].any other better encoder settings or FREE software to transcode aac...
  2. coolchop

    Is it possible to import & export tracks in AAC format in Sound Forge/Auditon

    Hi everyone, I am curious to know that whether is it possible to encode music from mp3/wma to AAC using Sony Sound Forge 9 or Adobe Audition 3. I've tried very hard to know if it's possible, but to no avail. I have also tried using Audacity but that also not worked either! Thanks! :smile:
  3. cluby

    Convert all to mp4(nero aac)

    I hav partition full of audio files in different folders & subfolders.Now I want to convert all those audio(mp3) files to mp4(using nero aac encoder) keeping the file location same in a batch operation.Is there is any software to do this work.
  4. S

    best format for ipod!!!!!!!!!

    hi guys i got a new ipod shuffle 2gb from singapore last week only. N i m new to this so i want to know the best format of songs for my ipod, aac or mp3. but no compromise with sound quality..
  5. D

    Best Codec For Mobile Videos

    My point is that using avi is useless as the audio quality goes away ! if i use mpeg-4 alongwith aac lc 20-30 kbps the size is less and sound better than avi's-mp3 . however i wanna know 1. is ogg theora (vp30 modified) better than mpeg video codec at same lower bitrate ? 2. how can i...
  6. Arun the Gr8

    is quality of wma greater than mp3?

    I have heard that wma has better quality than am mp3 file... and that an aac file has better quality even than wma... what i mean is that a file encoded in 64 kbps in aac format has better quality than a 64 kbps wma file, i.e. aac > wma > mp3 (for a file encoded in 64 kbps in all cases)...
  7. H

    MP3 to AAC Converters...

    Hi, Could you guys please suggest any free mp3 to aac converters which can convert many mp3 files into aac in a batch. Most of the trial softwares i use convert 1 file at a time. Please help.
  8. expertno.1

    Store 325+ songs in 1 gb card in full quality .

    Yep its true and is experimented by me :) See the list of mobiles supported at the bottom of the tut . Most mobile users store mp3 files in their mobiles for playing songs . The songs are either in converted mp3 format (low quality) or above 128 kbps (good quality) . But in 950 MB one can...
  9. expertno.1

    AAC Streaming

    Which Software will allow me to hear AAC streams like in ma N70 ? Thanks Regards..... Expertno.1
  10. expertno.1

    N70 and AAC support.........help....

    i know that it plays aac format... but i have a question.... there are three aac formats.. LC AAC HE AAC HEv2 AAC listening the sound quality of lc aac and he aac ...in n70 .... he aac was more better......it means it supports he aac HE ie SRB but not PS but does it supports...
  11. H

    Video to MP3???

    Hi Everyone, I want to know that are there softwares that can convert my music videos to MP3??? I also want to know how do i convert my MP3 files to aac format??? Thanks....
  12. gdatuk

    aac player required

    can u suggest a good aac format player for nokia S60 (N70) N70 is able to play aac but cant set it in a playlist or any sequence...
  13. alsiladka

    One True Music Format: MP3

    A must read. It shows how in the tech world, the best does not always win! Source - Winsupersite
  14. pro

    how to burn ONLY mp3 cd in nero ?

    hi all , i am facing difficulties in nero for burnning mp3 cds earlier nero used to filter out or sometimes even convert non compatible mp3 files to cd while burning.. . this facility is not available in this version:( i want to burn ONLY mp3 files and not wma aac files along with...
  15. A

    AC3 to AAC coverter

    I am looking for a converter to covert ac3 files to AAC or mp3 format. Can someone please suggest a good converter, a freeware. bump
  16. K

    converting to AAC .

    i want to convert my mp3's to AAC for w800 , how can i do this? i want Size less and audio average i prefer size over quality .
  17. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Any SE user using aac music files?

    I have a SE Z550i, just wanted to know that since it supports aac , does this format has any difference in comparison over mp3's. Can anyone also suggest me a free and small software 4 coverting mp3 to aac? THANKS!
  18. koolbluez

    Convert anything!

    Sounds unbelievable? Well.. u saw it right. There's an online conversion site which converts audio files, video, presentation, document, spreadsheet, etc.... for free... 24hrs a day... 7days a week... U don't have to install software, u don't have to register. Just upload ur file (upto 100mb...
  19. A

    AAC Audio For SE K510i

    Hi, My phone is SE K510i.From the official sony ericsson site i saw that my phone supports MP3 and AAC. http://www.sonyericsson.com/spg.jsp...m=pp1&pid=10373 I converted an mp3 file to AAC using ImTOO Audio Converter.But when I transferred the file to my phone it the phone didnt recognize it...
  20. official

    Converter for AAC and MPEG-4

    How to convert the mp3 files to aac format and how to make mpeg-4 files
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