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  1. joe333

    PCI Graphics Card....

    PCI VGA 8 Mb ATI Rage XL Video Display Card If you r not into gaming...../ or ur onboard graphics got fried......an inexpensive solution......PCI graphics...with 8MB Used only for a week Price: 450/- Reason for selling- bought this card coz my old AGP got fried and needed a display...
  2. sravan

    Knowing amount of VRAM

    I recently bought gigabyte eg31m-s2l motherboard. Now,how can I know amount of VRAM ?? In BIOS , I can see a option "on chip frame buffer....." which is set to 8MB + 1MB. Is this the onboard video memory???
  3. savithk

    identify 8mb cache in IDE

    How to identify 8mb cache memory drive in IDE
  4. J

    Titan Quest on Compaq nx6120

    Can Titan Quest game run on nx6120 at low settings?? and how can i adjust the shared video ramcurrently its 8mb and i want to set it at its max value ie 128mb
  5. abhinandh

    wierd problem(kind of)

    when i do a memory test in memtest i get thousands of errors when i allocate 1mb of vram but if i allocate 8mb i get no errors!!!!whats wrong???
  6. satyamy

    See this Internet Speed 8MB per sec..........

    I downloaded & See What I found my Internet Speed 8MB per sec.......... :D Wht do u comment on this?
  7. aditya.shevade

    Want distro. H/W Pentium-S 75MHz, 8MB RAM...

    Hi I just got a new (old) PC. It's a pentium-S (dunno when that was launched). 75MHz, got 8MB RAM and a 850MB HDD. No CD drive, no modem, no Ethernet card, 2 Floppy drives (both sizes). (I can get the CD drive of one of my slightly newer Desktop for installation, if required). Is there any...
  8. V

    graphics card

    i dont have a separate graphics card but an inbuilt graphics card can i play the game medival war which says requires 8mb grapics card. please help
  9. P

    Mobile Random Access Memory (RAM)!

    Am not talking about phone’s flash/HD memory or card memory. It is time for discussing phone’s RAM! Most of the Mobile fans are looking for Highest CPU clock speed!!! But problem may face while running their favorite 3rd party programs (games!!!) due to low memory, the system will slow down...
  10. $

    ps2 for sale

    hi guys, i have a ps2 and i want to sell it, coz i want a 360. so how much can u offer me for a ps2. i have some game titles also which i will give with it. u get : ps2 console 2 gamepads around 40 titles( gta, black, socom 3, etc., included) 8mb memory card. so whats ur offer.;) and...
  11. T

    Quick Answer! Please help.. Maxtor 300gb Sata 2 or Seagate

    DONT BOTHER TO READ THIS THREAD.. I ALREADY GOT MY ANSWER.. PLEASE VISIT THIS THREAD AND GIVE YOUR SUGGESTION http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=33348 THANK YOU Guys i need a quick reply.. I am placing the order in exactly 1 hour from now.. My dealer wants me to confirm...
  12. harish_21_10

    GEFORCE 2MX400(8mb of 64mb)?and overclock.?

    Hi, I have a GEFORCE 2 MX400 ,64mb but memory size shown in the display settings is 8mb. :( what thes problem?why is it showing 8mb instead of 64mb?pls help. And also I am new to overclocking,actually never tried it, i wanted to know if it is safe to overclock my geforce 2 mx400 from its...
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