1. D

    Tikona(4 Mbps 80GB 1250/-) vs Local provider(2Mbps Unlimited)

    Tikona: 4 Mbps 80GB Rs: 1250/- Local provider: 2Mbps Unlimited I am confused between the two due to negative reviews of Tikona spread all over Internet. My usage will be around 70GB, so I am getting double speed on Tikona for Rs.100 less. Which one will be better? Should I give a try...
  2. quicky008

    How to regain access to win 8 after reinstalling win 7 ?

    I have 2 hdds on my system-80 gb and 1 tb.Before adding the 1 tb drive,i used my 80gb hdd as my primary hdd and had win 7 installed on it.After adding the 1 tb drive,i installed win 8 on 1 of the partitions of this new drive,but the MBR for win 8 was created on my older 80gb hdd as it was still...
  3. CommanderShawnzer

    How to DeleteFedora 16 and Ubuntu partitions?

    I have Fedora 16 and Ubuntu 12.04 on my PC as multi-boot,trouble is i am running low on space and would like to delete the partitions containing Fed/Ubu so that the combined free space is added to my main C: HDD.i expect around 80GB to be freed. Please guide me on how to do this PS: I want to...
  4. bubusam13

    Will 2TB HDD show down my PC ?

    Hi Guys, I am upgrading my PC and I seriously need a good capacity HDD since I am presently having a Seagate 80GB HDD :P 6 years old. My foremost preference is storage space. So I am thinking of buying a 2TB HDD at about 6.6 K from Flipkart. But I read that 2 TB HDDs are slow and having 5600...
  5. S

    Suggest a PSU for my Config

    CPU:AMD Athlon 7750 Dual Core Motherboard:BIOSTAR Group GF8100 M2+ SE (CPU 1) RAM:2.0GB Single-Channel DDR2 @ 400MHz GPU:Sparkle Nvidia 9400GT 1GB HDD: Samsung 80GB PATA + Seagate 320GB SATA Cabinet: Frontech Brisk. My budget is around 1k~1.5k. Thanks.
  6. yours_majesty

    Western Digital 80GB 10K RPM SATA II 3GB/s

    Western Digital WD800ADFS 80GB SATA II 3GB/s 10k RPM hard drive, used with similar HDD in RAID0 in my extreme system as boot drive, real fast drive, boots the system in less than 30 seconds, sitting out of the system for last 2 months, looking to sell it quickly. This drie is under warranty till...
  7. R

    Computer No Post

    Hi, Config: MOBO: Intel original 865GBF CPU: PIV 2.8 GHz RAM: 2.5GB HDD: 80GB Sata & 80GB PATA The computer is stuck on the BIOS Screen saying "PRESS F4 to load setup"....I have reset the BIOS, reinserted the MOBO cell, reseated the RAM & HDD, however the computer is still stck at the...
  8. happy17292

    HDD problem and doubt !!

    problem : i have 2 HDDs. 250GB caviar blue and 500GB hitachi. and a 80GB IDE drive, i bought HDD USB case [idk what it is called but it made my IDE Drive to external USB HDD], i used it few days ago and it had 4 partitions [which i did many years ago when it was my primary drive]. i wanted...
  9. J

    80GB SATA and IDE HDD

    1. Western Digital 80GB SATA HDD (In warranty till 2012,May) Price:: Rs 1000 +shipping 2. Samsung 80GB IDE HDD ..(no warranty ) Price ::Rs 1000
  10. K

    Where can I buy an Intel x25M G2 80GB SSD

    Hi, I'm from Bangalore I want to buy the best SSD there is, i.e, Intel X25M G2. I couldn't find it any shops here, and the lowest price I could find online is from I-Pmart ($254 + $36 shipping) - not bad, but I want to know if I could buy the 80GB version locally and save some money. I...
  11. vaibhav_jain

    Query related to apple ipod classic 80gb

    i have an offer of apple ipod 80gb classic @6750 bucks and this is 2 years old but the seller is saying that it has some scratches at back but no scratches at front and screen and it is working fine. so is it okay to purchase it in this amount of price reply ASAP.
  12. static_x

    80GB x2 IDE HDD for sale

    Hi, I've 2 Seagate 80gb HDDs (IDE) for sale. Both the disks are working absolutely fine with no bad sectors etc. Bought in 2005. The final price would be Rs.1500/= If anyone intersted please PM me.
  13. Zangetsu

    80GB Kingston Datatraveler...

    I've seen the 80GB Pendrive of Kingston on net (chineese make) I doubt whether they work or not...:shock: & in its official website only upto 64GB is mentioned... what do u think guys....??? 80GB means a huge memory....even my old 40GB HDD is a crap against it...:oops:
  14. rohan_mhtr

    2 * 512 MB DDR1 RAM and 80GB portable usb hard disk .

    2 * 512 MB DDR1 RAM and 80GB portable usb hard disk @ only Rs1200 I want to sell my old pc components quickly since i am in need of money to buy a new mobile . I have 2 ddr1 512 mb rams each . one is ddr400mhz and other is ddr 266 mhz . I want Rs 600 for ddr400 and Rs 500 for ddr266 . If you...
  15. H

    A funny problem with one of my Hard Drives

    I use WinXP and I have two HD's one a Seagate barracuda 120 GB(2 yrs old) and the other is a older 80 GB(4 or 5 yrs old) Sony/Samsung drive dont know for sure as I cant read the label n forgot which one it is... Both are connected, and this morning as I tried to switch on the PC, it started up...
  16. paroh

    playstation 3(40GB) & ps 3 (80GB) price

    Please confirm the price of play station 3(40GB) & ps 3 (80GB) in delhi.
  17. I

    Selling 80GB Ipod - 3 Months Old

    Selling 80GB Ipod - 3 Months Old Guys, selling 80GB Ipod, bought 3 months ago. As good as new. Reason of selling - Trying to get an Itouch 16/32 Gb 80Gb Ipod + Warranty. It still has a warranty, just 3 months old Selling for - Rs.10000 Contact me if you want to buy it
  18. davinci

    Partition not detected after installing ubuntu

    I hav 2 hdd(500gb sata2 and a 40gb ide) and hav installed ubuntu on the 40gb hdd but though the installation was successful yet when i restarted my pc it only boots into win xp and there is no option of booting into ubuntu moreover in the win explorer window the 40gb hdd is not shown any more...
  19. c0mrade

    My Local Disk Vanished?

    My Local Disk Vanished? I have Two Hard Drives on my system (80GB + 80GB). Now I can see only C: (20GB) and D: (60GB) The other one was vanished which is 80GB. I did no partition for it. It was just there to save the Data. But that was vanished. It was very important for me...
  20. redhat

    Need help creating partitions in Vista

    I recently purchased a Dell laptop with 320gb HDD. But it came with two partitions, a 10gb backup partition and the remaining in 1 partition. I wish to partition this huge one into smaller ones. I entered disk management in administrative tools and clicked on split partition. But it showed a max...
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