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  1. D

    Help me to buy a laptop

    In comimg 1 week i m going to buy a laptop. My budget around 40000 rs. I like one ie., acer aspire v3-571g 4Gb ram core i5 2gb 630m graphic 500 gb hdd I like the configuration of this laptop but little bit cofused with its brand. Actually i want a good display laptop with good graphic...
  2. ShankJ

    Gt 630m

    I have a hp pavilion dv4-5009tx i5-2450 laptop with 6 GB ram and 2 GB Gt 630M graphic card.. Recently played GTA IV and realized that the game was giving low fps) even on medium graphic settings.. The fps fluctuate b/w 17-20 and sometimes go to 12-13 as well.. Completely ruins the gaming...
  3. powerstarprince

    Very much confused in between these two laptops

    I want to buy a 14" laptop and have zeroed upon these two brands... The Dell Online Store: Build Your System http://www8.hp.com/in/en/products/laptops/product-detail.html?oid=5336738 Which one of these should i buy?? Dell or HP Is the gt 630m in inspiron better than 7670m in hp? (Heard...
  4. X

    HELP ME! which is better configuration for my needs?

    please tell which is better configuartion for my needs core i3 2nd gen. 2370m 2.4ghz 2gb gt 630m vs 3rd gen i5 3210m 1b 630m NEEDS:- 1. WATCHING hd ,fhd, blueray movies. 2. playing games casually like cod mw3, black oops2,nfs, bf3..... which configuartion suits me best also tell when...
  5. J

    Graphic Card Switch

    Hey guys i own a HP DV 6 7040 TX , that has an Intel 4000 Graphic's Card and Nvedia Geforce 630m 2GB graphic card .... What i want to know is, how to switch in between these cards....?
  6. Gtb93

    Misc- Laptop Graphic Cards

    In all the laptops I've been looking at(waiting game is getting frustrating), these are the dominant cards. 1. AMD HD7730M 2. GT 630M 3. GT 650M General performance readings from users in this forum with the common > , < signs, I concluded. 650M>7730M>630M. I checked the notebook...
  7. A

    which is best among AMD Radeon HD 6770M or NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M?

    Hello, I am looking forward to buy a laptop, but confused over graphic cards. It would be great help if anyone help me find out the best among AMD Radeon HD 6770M and NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M.
  8. P

    Laptop under 42K, help needed :)

    My budget is between 30,000 - 40,000 and can be stretched to 42,000 MAX Im looking for a laptop with a powerful GPU that can play most games at med-high settings. Ive spent weeks browsing these forums and the internet in general. I was initially attracted to the HP Pavilion G6 2005 AX...
  9. S

    Nvidia geforce gt 630m

    i have a hp dv6 7010tx equipped with NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 630M.... . i downloaded nvidia 301.42WHQL driver for it...during installation it shows hardware nt supported while according to official site it should !! what to do???
  10. Gauravs90

    HD 6470M vs Nvidia 630M

    Hi... I'm going to buy a laptop for a friend and want to know which is graphics is faster? 2GB Nvidia 630M or 1GB HD Raedon 6470M
  11. pratyush997

    Does This ASUS Laptop Worth buying-Need Expert Advice

    Hi Folks,Initially I was going to Buy Asus K43SA-VX041D laptop but unfortunately it became Permanently Discontinued, So I thought of Searching a New ASUS Laptop and Found Asus K53SM-SX016D. This Laptop packs:- 1:-2nd Generation Core i7-2670QM(Quad-Core) 2:-15.6 Inch@1366 x 768 Pixel(HD...
  12. RON28

    what is the difference between GT540M and GT 630M?

    does anyone here own a laptop with graphic card GT 630M? if yes then can you please do me a favour by just posting your fps with following games at medium settings with native resolution? BF3, MW3, MAFIA II, GTA IV, DIRT 3 and yes last but not the least CRYSIS 2 :-D here in this review...
  13. V

    sis 630m driver latest

    iam using P3 600 mhz,kob 630e fslt with onboard graphics and onboard sound.i need the latest drivers for sis 630m.
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