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HELP ME! which is better configuration for my needs?


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please tell which is better configuartion for my needs
core i3 2nd gen. 2370m 2.4ghz 2gb gt 630m vs 3rd gen i5 3210m 1b 630m
1. WATCHING hd ,fhd, blueray movies.
2. playing games casually like cod mw3, black oops2,nfs, bf3.....

which configuartion suits me best

also tell when playing game which is more useful gpu or cpu .
while reading post on this forum i had read that a balance is necessary between cpu and gpu for playing games. will i3 2.4ghz with 2gb 630m wis balanced configuartion for playing games which i have posted above.

one of my frnd told me that i shud buy atleast i5 with 2gb 630m for playing above games , is this true...
will i3 2.4ghz will not get bottlenecked in comparison to 2gb 630m


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If those are your only needs an i3+630m will be enough. But if you have the budget,go for the i5.
As of now, very few games require a powerful cpu. Most games run fine on older cpu's. That being said,more and more games are coming out that properly utilize a powerful CPU. Skyrim,GTA4 are just a few examples. So if you can spend,get the i5.
And no the 630m is not a very fast gpu to begin with and it won't be bottlenecked by an i3. And the gpu is not powerful enough to use 2 gb of memory. That is just marketing gimmick.

And usually i3>i5 in terms of battery life when both are of the same generation. But since he i3 2nd gen is still a less powerful cpu,it will probably consume less power than the 3rd gen i5. Hence more battery life.
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