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Misc- Laptop Graphic Cards


In the zone
In all the laptops I've been looking at(waiting game is getting frustrating), these are the dominant cards.
1. AMD HD7730M
2. GT 630M
3. GT 650M

General performance readings from users in this forum with the common > , < signs, I concluded.

I checked the notebook benchmarks on notebookcheck/review and for 630M, it shows very low fps for BF3 ,on high/ultra settings.
Meanwhile on YT, I've seen people with Acer Aspires, similar configs almost, running BF3 on High/Ultra with "ease".
Similarly, when it comes to the 7730(very few vids on YT), I've heard people saying 630 can perform better!
Again, moving the 650M on Samsung, it has the ddr3 variant, whereas the beastly 650m is known for it's ddr5 goodness.
So, my question. Will a good rig, like an 8 gig asus powered by i7, 1tb, but with 630M, rather than a sammy with a 650M (ddr3 variant) + i5 give better gaming performance? (only gaming, nothing else), or a middlechild like dell15r with the 7730M.


Cyborg Agent
i think you should trust on youtube videos, because even i used to think that GT 630M can play games on medium settings but actually people are playing in high settings. don't know why, but whenever you see any fps comparison on notebookcheck, just add 5-10 fps extra in it.

and the Asus laptop which you are saying is good but why go for it if you have better options available?
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