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  1. somulesnar

    [Query] 1GB or 2GB DDR2 Ram 533Mhz needed urgently

    Hey guyz, i have a desktop that is 6 years old. Config: pentium D, 512 mb ddr2 522mhz RAM, Seagate 160 Gb hard drive, ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 Inbuilt Graphics with ASUS motherboard. The RAM is completely out of order now and its no more available in the market. Searched a lot but cud only find...
  2. A

    Required HD 5770/HD5670 and RAM 2gb DDR2 533Mhz

    Hi, Posting this after the discussion at the graphics thread. Recommendations were to get a HD 5770/HD5670/HD5750 RAM 2gb DDR2 533Mhz Kingston/Crosair Anybody willing to sell kindly let me know. Location: Pune (the nearer the better) Budget: the lower the better....fair for both parties :)...
  3. Coool

    Sony VAIO P Launched in India

    After impressing many at the CES 2009, Sony's ogle-worthy slim netbook VAIO P has finally arrived in India. With a thin, 19.8mm body, the VAIO P will be available in two models - VGN-P13GH and P15G - in India. The models will be available from Sony owned or authorized outlets for Rs. 49,990...
  4. S

    RAM problem....

    hi everyone, i have a mobo that supports 4gb ram. i currently have a jet transcend 512mb 533mhz ram. i want to add another 512 ram stick........but the exact same ram is not available.....there is a ram by dynaset which is of 533mhz.....but the problem here is "dynaset"............. else...
  5. kumars

    DDR2 533Mhz or 266Mhz?

    I bought a Dell Laptop which said i will get 533Mhz DDR2 Ram.. But when I checked with the latest version of CPU-z then it shows that i have a 266Mhz DDR2 RAM.. what is it? Is DDR2 available in 266Mhz freq.. As far as i know 533 and 667 are the only two available..
  6. abhi_10_20

    533 or 400?

    i hav a hp pavilion m7260in pc.... it says it has a 533MHz FSB....bu i hav a 400Mhz(Edited) 256mb ddr2 ram.... can i use a 533Mhz 1gb ram module on my pc?
  7. B

    CPU upgrade

    I have Intel DG965RY mobo, P4 3.00GHz HT(2MB L2 ) & 1 GB RAM (533MHz DDR2).I want to upgrade my processor.Which one is the BEST out there?
  8. ashfame

    about pentium d 805 *

    FSB of pentium d 805 is 533mhz so ddr2 ram of >533mhz will work as only 533mhz:confused: and ddr2 533mhz ram r slower than ddr 400mhz?:confused: so for d 805, should i opt for a board with ddr 400mhz support? help...
  9. Aniruddh

    Intel related...

    i m planning 2 buy a intel original 925 mobo or i shud buy an asus 925 mobo which Model?i hav sum confusion-which one is betta Intel D925XECV2 or Intel Board D925XEBC2 and wats de difference between da 2???does it support sata2?does sata2 is available in de market?how much 120-160 sata2 will...
  10. D

    Guyz tell me the prices of .............

    AMD athlon 64 3500+ 939pin, itz compatible motherboard with PCI-ex, 512 Mb DDR 2 533MHZ 160GB SATA Hard disc Sony DRU 800A a basic PCI-e graphics card
  11. infra_red_dude

    Pin mod 400mhz fsb centrino (essentially overclocking!)

    I couldnt find this topic posted anywhere so am posting the link to the guide here. there is a pin on the pentium-m socket on the 915 mainboard of the laptop that needs to be grounded in order to increase the fsb to 533mhz essentially overclocking the cpu. this works on any 400mhz fsb...
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