1. M

    Gaming CPU for 40 k .

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Gaming - Ac3, dishonoured , Metro 2033 ,Black ops 2 ...
  2. gautam_dey66

    Need Suggestion For Buying A Laptop.

    Guys Need A Little Advice. A Friend Of Mine Wants To Buy A Laptop. Please Suggest The Best Laptop In The Price Range Of 40K.
  3. M

    Lappy till 40k or below

    hi I am looking for laptop within 40k range and pls suggest good configuration for SQL Developer Profile and so on i5 2nd/3rd gen 4GB DDR3 15" screen usb 2.0 or 3.0 500GB HDD GPU card not needed please suggest me good laptop I need one immediately :mrgreen: Thank you
  4. tejjammy

    Help buying DSLR within 40k

    Hi, I've decided to buy a DSLR to replace my existing bridge camera. Please suggest me a good DSLR within 40k. It should have video recording capability. My main area of interest would be landscapes, buildings and occasionally animals from close range. Thanx
  5. ashintomson

    32 LED TV - 40 k

    guys i saw some thread about 32 inch tv and stuff and am confused which one to buy. All i want is great pic quality and it should support most of the formats like mkv , mp4 like that and my budget is around 40k. so please guys help me from this. my brother was telling me about 2 models(samsung)...
  6. V

    new lapi

    laptop for 40k with os loaded wifi and graphic card, advise which co. i should go for, somebody suggested to go with dell i5,is it ok?
  7. C

    Please Help Me To Configure my PC

    Dear Friends, Here is my PC Config what I assembled for myself by myself AMD FX 8150 Processor Assus Sabertooth Motherboard Zotac NVIDIA Geforce GT630 Synergy Edition 4GB DDDR3 Graphics Card Corsair Vengeance 8GB x 2 RAM Ben Q 24” LED Monitor OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD+ Seagate 2TB HDD...
  8. Y

    Best Laptop in 40k capable of Gaming at Med. settings as well as engineering projects

    Matte Finish not too glossy 15.6 screen 4gb or above RAM 1 gb graphic card (Suitable for GTA, NFS & other hardcore games) 2nd generation i5 (Must) Less Heating problem Should be good at Gaming Good battery life Budget strictly Less Than 40k
  9. Y

    Best Laptop for Daily use as well as Gaming needs

    Matte Finish not too glossy 15.6 screen 4gb or above RAM 1 gb graphic card 2nd generation i5 (Must) Less Heating problem Should be good at Gaming Good battery life Budget strictly Less Than 40k
  10. theserpent

    Lappy for 40k

    Hey my friend needs a lappy for around 40K Well today we saw in reliance. A sony lappy(i7+6 gb ram+win 7 pro).An radeon 1 gb(i dont know model) FOR 42K.We both were blown away by the config :o,But the lappy dint look good His Mom basically needs it for little work. He Will also game in it H
  11. coolest111

    [Urgent] Back Again with iPhone Query

    I have narrowed to following possibility a the moment 35k iphone 4s 16gb (1yr dealer warranty) 40k iphone 4s 16gb(1yr apple india warranty) 40k iphone 4s 32gb(15 days dealer warranty) is it wise to go with dealer warranty??????coz i'm thinking of 32gb version...the seller is reputed on...
  12. ruturaj3

    Intel based config @ 40k

    Hi friends i need your help in building an Intel based pc for my cousin. budget is between 35k to 40k. I asked for quotation from prime abgb, here it is - Intel core I5 2400 + Asrock H77 Pro 4 = 18500/- Gskill 4gb ddr3 1600Mhz = 1650/- 500gb Seagate sata = 4000/-...
  13. Desmond

    Warhammer 40k Discussion

    Hi, This thread is dedicated to all things Warhammer 40k. Games, lore, history, etc. on the expansive Warhammer 40k universe. For those of you who don't know. Warhammer 40k started out as a tabletop wargame by Games Workshop, with armies comprising of Space Marines, Eldar, Orks, Chaos...
  14. P

    Toshibha or ASUS

    I want to buy a laptop budget is 40k. Asus or Toshiba??
  15. R

    laptop around 40k

    Can anyone suggest me a laptop worth 40k with the follwing specifications. * i5 processor 2nd generation * 4-6 GB RAM * 500-750 GB HDD * 1 GB graphics card Battery Life : 2-3 hours :wink::-D
  16. Artemis

    Suggest a LED/LCD TV under 40k

    I'm hunting for a 32/40" LCD/LED TV under 40k. I have only searched for models on the internet and will be going to the store for a first hand look on Sunday. What I'm looking for is Full HD, Web Browser and the ability to play any kind of video/audio. Heard the Bravia series has problems in...
  17. A

    Need a Laptop Under 40k with Graphics Card

    Hello Everyone, I am planning to buy a laptop under 40k. Basic Specs: 2nd Generation Core I5. 4GB RAM Graphics Card is a must. HDD>320GB Other Details: 1) Budget < 40k 2) Notebook Size-> 14” 3) Location: India 4) Just have preference over Dell, Bad experience with Acer...
  18. F

    Suggest a moped around 40k

    I want to buy a moped around 40k, just thought that I should post it on TDF Please share your suggestions Daily run 5-10km any suggestions ??
  19. E

    Laptop for 30K & 40K

    Hi, Looking to buy 2 laptops under 30K and 40K. Mandatory: USB 3.0 & Sata 6 Gbps Priority: Price > Screen Quality > CPU Performance > Graphics > Battery > Sound Quality > Service & Warranty > Portability Requirements: 1) What is your budget? One Lappy around 30K and another just...
  20. thanseer

    need a laptop under 40k

    i'm looking for a good lap under 40k i'm looking for dell,lenovo,toshiba reply ASAP
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