1. S

    SQL Certification:Confused

    Exam 1z0-047:Oracle SQL Expert This exam makes a person SQL Certified Expert,but to pass this exam,Oracle has associated it with Oracle 10g and 11g both,can anyone clear me that one should learn Oracle 10g or 11g?Also,please suggest me books for Oracle Database 10g(the book should cover SQL...
  2. S

    Learning SQL:Should i join Oracle Database 10G from NIIT?

    Hello Everyone,i want to learn SQL,should i join NIIT to learn Oracle Database 10g course?I know that Oracle 11g is available now..but at some website it was mentioned that i need to have Oracle 10g Experience to begin Oracle 11g. Please advice me,should i learn 10g or 11g? Are there any...
  3. rajwansh2003

    Oracle Simple Question

    Is oracle freeware? if yes how to download it. and what are the new version of it. what is the difference between i and g in 9i and 10g
  4. A

    How to run 10g report from 10g form

    I am using 10 G DS. and trying to run report from oracle form using web.show_document, but it gives error. here is my code DECLARE rep_url varchar2(2000); BEGIN rep_url:=‘/reports/rwservlet?server=repserv&report=reptest.rdf’||’&desformat=htmlcss&destype=cache’||’&paramform=no’...
  5. M

    Oracle 10g eBooks

    Data Warehousing Guide(oracle 10g) *rapidshare.com/files/79321653/b14223.pdf Performance Tuning Guide(oracle 10g) *rapidshare.com/files/79321796/Performance_Tuning_v1.pdf
  6. santu_29

    transfering oracle database tables

    how can i transfer/export Oracle 10g xe database tables under different user names from the Oracle database 10g xe installed in one system to Oracle database 10g xe installed in another system. the two system are not connected in any way. i actually need to transfer the database i made at home...
  7. C

    ORACLE 10g installation ????

    i cannot install oracle 10g in my system , since i have AMD64-2600 , 256MB RAM , 40gb HARD Disk while installing it is giving a message that it requires 256mb of physical memory , which is not sufficient in your system !!!! but i have 256mb ram now what should i do ???? how much free...
  8. venom X

    Uninstalling Oracle 10g Client

    Can someone tell me how to uninstall Oracle 10g client from one's system? By default, there is no Uinstall option provided. Do we have to uinstall manually? Infact I tried to delete the entire folder manually, but it wasnt getting deleted. I get message that the file " oci.dll " cannot be...
  9. tanush_89

    Oracle 10g plz help

    HI, I installed oracle 10g. It worked fine but when I restarted it said "Oracle not available". Same thing happened on all my friends PC. Plz help. I'm a noob in oracle.
  10. paragkalra

    Oracle 10g release 2 in LINUX???

    Oracle 10g release 2 requires RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 with a Kernel Version of 2.6.9-5.0.5.EL or higher (As given in the documentation). I am having a kernel version of 2.6.9-5 Are these two kernel different? How can I update my kernel?
  11. V

    Help with downloading Oracle 10g db

    Hello there, I am trying to downlaod Oracle's 10g db personal edition for Win32 from Oracle.com. Despite repeated attempts, I am unable to even start the download. Either the request times out or I receive some server error. I have tried this using both IE & Firefox, using different computers...
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