1. theserpent

    Z510 Battery problems

    First of all,I was watching a movie, battery was around 70% and it suddenly powers off, connected to charger and saw that the battery was 0 ( WTH?) Then, I did a full charge,and noticed that the battery is discharging at an insanely slow rate.At 99%(it showed aprrox 3-5 hours rem), and was...
  2. KDroid

    Online Shopping Preference Survey for Project

    http://bit.ly/Q3gXnZ Please take the Survey. I want about 10-15 responses for my Entrepreneurship project by today. Thank You. :)
  3. quan chi

    automatic shutdown and restart please help.

    Guys i have dual boot system win xp pro and win 7 ultimate.Strangely from today morning whichever os i use either the system shuts down completely or restarts automatically after 10-15 mins. I have checked the temps too everything is fine.dont know what is causing the problem. :( Please help.
  4. ico

    FAO nVidia users (GTX 560 Ti and above)

    I need to run a small CUDA commandline benchmark. So, anyone of you willing to give me access to your computer for 10-15 minutes through Teamviewer?? :) OS should be Windows 7 64-bit and make sure you have the nVidia driver with CUDA libraries installed. Thanks in advance.
  5. TheMost

    Weird broadband Speed

    AFAIK i get imbps speed during daytimes and 2 on night times The Wierd one is that during daytime if i manually disconnect from net and refresh my Win and connect again i get 2.5 Mbps ... after 10-15 mins drops back to 1mbps ... Screen : What is this ?? Using airtel from chennai
  6. soumya

    2 mbps connection and getting 10-15 kb/s in torrents!

    I use a lot of private and public trackers. My ratios are good in each one of them. I used to get around 250-300 kB/s download speeds but all of a sudden I am getting around 10-15 kB/s. I have tried different clients but still getting the same speed. I get around 260 kB/s in Internet Download...
  7. 4

    spiderman shattered dimensions

    hey guys i recently played shattered dimensions in my pc.. the thing is that the keys are so hard that i need to press enter 10-15 times to select an option..and also esc 10-15 times to quit..and even the keys like w,a,s,d are very un-responsive i.e i need to press it 20-30 times to just move...
  8. ramsingh

    BIOSHOCK crash problem..

    i hav installed retail Full version Bioshock with patch 1.1.. now whenever i try 2 play d game it crashes after 10-15 secs... what 2 do??
  9. agnels

    BSNL to cut tariff on landline packages by 26%

    BSNL rentals of fixed lines have been reduced from Rs 250 to Rs 180. Meanwhile, recently the government identified 10-15 PSUs for divestment. The government is targeting Rs 4,000-Rs 5,000 crore from divestment in these 10-15 PSUs. BSNL is included in this list among others like Nalco and...
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