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    Blood Rayne 2 releasing on October

    Brother, you haven't checked out Blood Rayne 2. It has more sexual content true, but it has terrific gameplay. Read some reviews, or better still, try out the trailers and in-game action videos. You'll need to sign-up to get access to all the cool stuff inside. Btw...
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    Nero 6…Unexpected Behaviour

    Slightly older versions of Nero are not compatible with SP2, and require an upgrade. But in my case, I just ognored the warning and it did my job... no problems so far.
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    Search for a serious NAV alternative

    @rajat: Agreed, Norton Antivirus is awesome. It has served me loyally for the past 3-4 years and kept my system clean from all sorts of virii. It's just that if I can get the same protection from a slightly less resource-hungry AV at the cost of a few lesser features... mmm I'll take it. If...
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    Search for a serious NAV alternative

    Moving from NAV to Kaspersky, I am beginning to get that familiar déjà vu sort of feeling.... like when moving from Internet Exploiter to Mozilla Firefox :D
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    Search for a serious NAV alternative

    You know what guys? I am going to break the tradition and abandon NAV. I'll use Kaspersky if it works well. The reason is I recently upgraded to NAV 2004 from NAV 2003 (woe to me! A dozen techies talk about it everywhere that NAV sucks more than NAV 2003 or 2002 ever did). 2004 has this...
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    Lan Chat & sharing software

    What bhai?? What is your problem?? You didn't even try to understand what I was trying to convey to the readers. NOWHERE in my post did I say that Netmeeting rules. I am not praising it or recommending it to anyone. If you care to grasp the flavour of my post, it was that IF YOU ARE IN AN...
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    Can u tell me about Internal construction of DDR-RAM

    Look for this on a big P2P network like eMule, Diptesh.
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    List your 'Must haves'!

    Well whenever Windows XP seriously crashes (duh?) and I reinstall it, the first software I install before I continue with usual work are: 1. Windows XP Service Pack 2 2. Winzip 3. Mozilla Firefox 4. Flashget+DAP 5. Winamp, Windows Media Player 10 6. Add Remove Plus 7. Ad-aware+Spybot...
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    Lan Chat & sharing software

    By the way, if you are on the move and aren't on the internet, just LAN then you won't be able to download any of the tools mentioned above. If it's an emergency, you can use the built in Netmeeting client. It's ok for sending files, chatting and even some video conferencing and whiteboard...
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    Search for a serious NAV alternative

    I have been a NAV loyalist for the past 2-3 years but I think I'll go give Kaspersky a try. I knew it was good but I was feeling lazy about the migration.
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    AMD sux

    Mayur, dearest of all my friends! What is wrong with you? I think this is all a case of sour grapes. Lemme guess... your vendor got you into buying a Pentium and now you realised you got duped into spending more money. So all you can do is rant, rant and rant... all of five times. Or just...
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    I installed it today. Nothing really new or revolutionary that I managed to discovered so far. In fact, I miss the WMP 9 interface. This one's too blue. Any ideas how to get back the old interface without downgrading?
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    S/W To Capture Vidcaps

    I'll agree with Jeba. VirtualDub, as a video capturing tool, leads the pack. It's quite flexible when it comes to handling capture cards or TV tuners. If you want to go truly psycho geek, then try DScaler as it has the most elaborate configuration options and supports almost any TV card out...
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    Search for a serious NAV alternative

    GNUrag: You LinuGeeks rule and we'll all be getting into the realm eventually but most have to stick to Windows for the sake of habit. For now. Well done in creating the Redlof removal tool, a rather simple concept actually and it was time someone executed it. I use NAV 2004 (used 2003...
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    Oye! I`m suffering from VIRUS

    And remember, you may remove Redlof (if that's what you got) successfully from memory, but it WILL stay hidden inside any HTML files you have got, as it plants it's code inside every HTML page it can find. If you even view those HTML files in your browser, you'll get the virus again. So keep...
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