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    borrowin cd's from friends is illegal too the only legal way is PAY FOR THE FREAKIN OS i aint allowing any OS support for u anymore all os (winxp) related questions posted by u as far as the system goes will be locked and deleted henceforth till u get a original copy
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    Get Vista

    vista not released vista = beta version beta version = only for beta testers = illegal to download
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    Use Trial Softwares forever without paying (Legal Way)

    kind of defeats the purpose that u can try the software only for a limited period lets make one thing clear "USING TRIAL SOFTWARE BEYOND ITS LIMIED PERIOD AND MORE THAN ONCE IS ILLEGAL" "THERE IS NO WAY TO USE TRIAL SOFTWARE FOREVER LEGALLY" thread locked consider this a warnin and an...
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    Personal MEdia Drives Frm HP.. EXCLUSIVE OR GLOBAL

    yes that would help a lot besides if its simply push and pull that makes the job easier and yeah ofcourse its not gonna be a nromal usb connector ... but it may still be using the usb port ... the square connector may still be usb anyways doesnt really matter now :)
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    tech_mastermind i think u should refer to the second post in this thread .. @abhineet consider this ur one and only warning no piracy will be tolerated here thread locked
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    Personal MEdia Drives Frm HP.. EXCLUSIVE OR GLOBAL

    the loading mechanism isnt possible even if u connect it to the USB on mobo all u get is a place to put ur external drive in ... ull still have to connect a wire to it the loading mechanism would include an interfacing port for the usb connector on the external hdd temme how do u plan to...
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    Personal MEdia Drives Frm HP.. EXCLUSIVE OR GLOBAL

    i doubt if the mechanism is available out of the hp branded computer ... u can only get the drive .. which is available
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    Personal MEdia Drives Frm HP.. EXCLUSIVE OR GLOBAL

    the drive itself is an ext. usb hdd comes in a variety like 160, 250 , 300 and 400 gb the loading mechanism however is exclusive to hp
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    How to join .0xx files?

    will need more details send the screenie of the rar u downloaded. . then the screenie of the extracted files mostly they are archive files itself within the original rar archive ull have to extract them similarly the avi file will be inside split into these .0xx files. try openin with...
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    Help ! Windows live! doesn't show

    u have to goto options and change the look manually i did it thru hotmal itself ... it was pending just cicked on it yest and it was activated INSTANTLY click options and ull see the link to change the look there u are probably on default hotmail ( PS: i prefer default hotmail .. live...
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    can LCD Monitor needs different port for plug in mainboard ?

    not ALL lcd's use dvi connectors mostly the lcd ull get will be VGA unless u ask for a dvi cuz most lcd monitors are analog and not digital
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    DVD Writting problem

    when u use isobuister it'll show u 2 tracks on the cd select the one u wanna view ... as simple as that sometimes multisession discs have that problem
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    40wire or 80wire cable

    yeah 80 conductor cables are more prone to damage and no it makes no sense connecting dvd writers with 80 conductor cables .. else mobo manufacturers would bundle 2 instead of 180 and 1 40 :P 80 conductor cables are mainly required for hdds
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    Automated Rebooting

    well its simple open notepad copy paste the following shutdown -r -t 01 save it as a .bat file say restart.bat then from scheduled task in windows add this to run daily at 11pm
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