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    buying new smartphone 30-35k

    U seem to be on the right track now. 3t 64gb is the way to go.
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    smartphone in 10-15k budget

    How about Infocus Epic 1? (American) Though I dont know much about the device itself.
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    Android smartphone with good camera under INR 20k

    Honor 6x seems interesting.. few others that interest me are galaxy on8 and lenovo p2 (though not sure abt their launch schedules).
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    Android smartphone with good camera under INR 20k

    Moto z play (if its launched as part of the upcoming Moto Z launch, and falls into ur budget)
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    Mi note 2 expected to be launched soon. Maybe that fits ur budget and expectations.
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    Suggest 5 inch smartphone under 18k..!!!!

    Redmi 3s prime is a gr8 option. Should have one of the best battery backup. Only thing I dislike there, it's screen is prone to smudges. And the cam is just OK. I'm considering getting one in place of my existing OP X. Sent from my ONE E1003 using Tapatalk
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    20k phone- a complicated querry to expert digitians

    Vibe X3? Does this fit ur bill??
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    ** ~10k mobile advice thread **

    Redmi 3s Sent from my ONE E1003 using Tapatalk
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    Mobile for dad @15k

    lenovo k5 note (yet to launch), honor 5x/5c since its for your dad, I guess having the best specs is not the criteria.
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    Mobile for dad @15k

    moto g4 plus
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    Buying Nexus 6P.

    Isn't the OP3 a better buy?
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    Android for around 20k

    I too think of vibe x3, mi5 or nexus 5x in that budget. Maybe some newer phones may be worth the wait. Sent from my ONE E1003 using Tapatalk
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    Value for money VR Android

    +1 If possible, one should wait for full-fledged VR/AR capability.
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    OnePlus 3 launched today

    True.. - - - Updated - - - It had something different to offer till it had CM on its side. Oxygen OS needs to improve a lot to give it that again. Otherwise it will remain "just another android smartphone".
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    Am I making an impractical decision buying a BB in this era?

    Wait for Nokia / Blackberry to make Android phones. Then they will also charge great premium for just the build. :tongue_NF: The Motos seemed close at having that sturdy build. Moto G3/G4 should be in ur list.
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