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    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 vs Motorola FIRE XT

    i would say go for motorola defy may be around 10k or go for defy + which would be better for around 12.5k. its worth !!
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    Airtel 3G prices reduced !

    Guys any news on laterst airtel broadband issues because i ready earlier in the topic they are offering Rs 199/- plan with FUP 25 Gb with 1 mbps and then 256 kbps....is it true?
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    Mobile under Rs. 10000

    would suggest 1. motorola fire xt - 800mhz processor with 512 mb ram, cam with flash and bigger screen :) After a while 3.2 gets too less for viewing pics or even reading content 2. HTC explorer
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    Which antivirus should i buy?

    m using avast+comodo firewall+superantispyware along with malwarebytes and trojen remover for scanning purpose only...!!!
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    New Android Phone

    Have a look at motorola fire-xt......saw somewhere it is available at 5.7k with 6.5 inch screen 800 Mhz processor and 512 mb ram and with gingerbread update i guess or you can update it too....at this specs its a really good choice....imho !!
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    Plz suggest modem/router for cable broadband?

    you mean to say cheap quality components?
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    Free Emsisoft Online Armor Premium Firewall 5.1One Year License

    seems the offer is over....can u share a key from yours? :D
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    Plz suggest modem/router for cable broadband?

    why is that...i mean they are providing 3yrs warranty and is being suggested by some local ISPs....even hathway i suppose !! any reason for commenting like that dude?
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    suggest me a good WIFI router under 2000

    hey dude...atually they work pretty good with DD-WRT firmware with transmission client....thats what i heardd but the problem is that...once you flash it with free firmware....you can not use 3g modem on that for that we need to flash it with professional paid version :sad: thats why d...
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    Which is better deal...E173 !!

    is it because of the seller being a power seller with good feedback or any other reason?
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    suggest me a good WIFI router under 2000

    what about TP-link MR3220g........around 2k? i think except torrent downloads and being N150, it shares all the features of asus rt n13 !!
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    Which is better deal...E173 !!

    which deal is better guys? Huawei-E173-3G-Data-Card-7-2Mbps-3G-USB-Modem-Auto-APN-Megaphone-Logo Huawei-E173-3G-usb-modem-Data-Card-7-2Mbps-HSUPA-Model Huawei-E173-3G-Data-Card-7-2Mbps-3G-USB-Modem-Strap-Cable-Auto-APN-Reliance-Logo first one comes with 1 year dealer warranty and...
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    Sharing same internet connection on 2 PCs

    the best option would be a basic router having a wan port and 2+ lan ports !! 1. Connect your ISP cable to WAN 2. Use to different lan cables from router lan port to each pc's lan port !!
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    Please suggest a good budget android tablet urgently!

    +1 to vineet, it's expected that they will launch a newer version of ubislate/akash2 !! may be that would be worth a wait !!
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    Please suggest a good budget android tablet urgently!

    man are you serious? for 5-6k? rather go for iberry version...you will find it on ebay !! 7"+1.5ghz processor+wifi+android 2.3 but without 3g ~ 6.4k 10" with 3g and rest same config ~ 14 k i would rather ask you to wait or as u said no to akash...look for akash2 then ubislate !!
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