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    When your parents were teenagers

    Funny. This NASA guy is unbelievable:
  2. Simple_Graduate

    Seeders, leechers, peers?

    I've started using bittorrent and am confused about these terms: seeders, leechers, peers...different kinds of downloaders? There are numbers under them...and sometimes there are numbers in brackets also? Can someone explain this and also tell which one of these I am?
  3. Simple_Graduate

    What is the difference between RSS and Atom?

    I believe Atom is default with blogger?
  4. Simple_Graduate

    Internet choice

    The cable-wallah in my locality is trying to get me to take sify broadband instead of BSNL. He says it is cheaper in the long run since there is only a flat rate charge per month. Set up is also cheaper because no modem is required and service (he promises) will be prompt unlike in BSNL...
  5. Simple_Graduate

    For those still using IE6

    I actually use all three: FF, Opera, IE6. There are some sites that open best in IE....
  6. Simple_Graduate

    For those still using IE6

    You guys have probably heard other users talking about "tabbed browsing" available in browsers like Firefox and Opera... basically opening many websites within one single window. You may also have heard that IE7 also features "tabbed browsing" and are perhaps waiting to upgrade to Vista or...
  7. Simple_Graduate

    Nuclear India or Nuke Free India?

    If the choice was between "Nuclear India" or "Nuke Free WORLD", I would choose the latter. But until that happens I choose a Nuclear India.
  8. Simple_Graduate

    Where is the firefox cache?

    What is the location of the firefox cache on my hard disk? I'm also using IE-6 and Opera on a Windows XP computer. IE's cache is in the temporary internet files and Opera's cache is in its folder...but the firefox folder does not show any cache. I need to find some old image files that I...
  9. Simple_Graduate

    D-Link modem and netone

    Hi, As I wait patiently for my BB connection, there is trouble in my dial-up netone connection with BSNL. Since Jan I get frequent disconnections and error messages. And by some miracle if I manage to connect, the pages load very very slowly. Secondly, only IE-6 pages are opening...
  10. Simple_Graduate

    Own domain name on wordpress

    I had read somewhere that wordpress.com was now allowing its users to have their own domain names for their blogs, which had always been the case at wordpress.org. For example: myname.wordpress.com could become www.myname.com if that blogger purchased his own domain name....either from...
  11. Simple_Graduate

    Rt. clicking on google ads

    Suppose I have a website displaying text ads from google adsense. Now if one of these ads points to an important source or website for my business or profession, how do I visit that site without violating Google rules and getting banned from adsense? If I right-click on that ad, and...
  12. Simple_Graduate

    .mobi domain names. Worth buying now?

    Thanks man, That was very informative. Also thanks for the link to the tutorial.
  13. Simple_Graduate

    .mobi domain names. Worth buying now?

    .mobi is the domain name for webpages that will be displayed on mobile phones. In India these are being sold by net4india.... But are they worth buying now? Will the existing content on .com, .org, .net, etc. pages be duplicated on .mobi? Who will design .mobi pages for mobile phones...
  14. Simple_Graduate

    How to earn money with help of INTERNET (legal)

    There are already many threads on this particular topic covering: online business, technical writing, how to earn online, adsense, etc. Just use the search feature....go through those many threads. You'll find your answer.
  15. Simple_Graduate

    Can't open ANY text editor!

    Thanks guys, But problem solved. First I tried to open a text file in my browsers.....didn't work with (stupid grrr!) Internet Explorer 6. Same error message. But Opera 9.01 was great....text file opened in a flash! Later on I restarted my PC and now the problem isn't there. Opera...
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