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D-Link modem and netone

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As I wait patiently for my BB connection, there is trouble in my dial-up netone connection with BSNL.

Since Jan I get frequent disconnections and error messages. And by some miracle if I manage to connect, the pages load very very slowly.

Secondly, only IE-6 pages are opening whereas Firefox and Opera show "cannot find..." messages.

I changed my modem from SM-56 serial to D-Link V92 in Jan...according to the lineman the problem is in the modem.

But according to the hardware guy the if the connection is being made occasionaly then the prob is not in the modem but in the line. The lineman checked the line and said nothing is wrong....

The BSNL office was also informed about this. They said "aap ki settings me garbar hogi...yahaan sab theek hai."

So where is the problem?
Problem solved last night.

The BSNL guys must have been carrying out some repairs (for over a month!) but their people refused to share any info with customers.
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as you have change the modem, and your trouble continue,the problem is with phone line. check how clear you hear your dial tone.(for BSNL, they will just check if the phone is working or not . they are no concern with quality / distirbuance in phone.)
do not connected called id phone in dial up connection.
when installing broadband , ask to install new copper wire for your connection from pole or point of connection.
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