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    is my laptop battery gonna oldie????

    wat do u mean by battery calibration???
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    is my laptop battery gonna oldie????

    thankx for ur replies frd's...... but it's very unusal to have just 13 minutes as a backup.....coz i'm ma professional student & don't think of taking that boring charger always with me... can anyone of u ....plzz tell me the price for original HCL laptop battery????
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    is my laptop battery gonna oldie????

    i have bought a HCL laptop just 16 months before & now my problem is that my laptop LI-ON battery is not working at all. it's just giving me up only 13 mintes backup after even being recharged 100% but, just a few days before it was giving me a gud tiume period of 1hr & 45 min & i really don't...
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    old user accounts problem.....!!!

    have bought my laptop 10 months before & from that, I have formatted it at least 15 times (using pirated windows professional xp2). Now, my problem is that: I have made my earlier user accounts by different names & after each new windows formation, I found my old user account folders (of...
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    Spiderman Shutdown Dialog And Login Screen

    it's just rocking.....:p
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    can u plzz just tell the name of software.....

    :p thankx for replying....i'm just going to check it out.
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    can u plzz just tell the name of software.....

    hello!! friends.... At this time, i want a audio software with which i can make my own remix songs. just by changing up the original music of the song by my own created one. if u know any of this type of audio software which can help me out, then plzz take care to send...... it's name...
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    plzz tell me how can i compress my video songs like this.........???

    thankx for reply friend's .... i just re-upload the video upto this evening. i'm really sorry this time for ur all inconvinence. thankx once again. HERE IS THE FRESH VIDEO SONG LINK .....PLZZ CHECK IT GUYS.... & REPLY ME SOOON.....:wink: link removed as it violates forum rules
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    plzz tell me how can i compress my video songs like this.........???

    Hello friends!!... I’m uploading a video song (from film: HUM TUM) in rapidshare (plzz check it up) that I have downloaded just 2 weeks before from internet & to my surprise the size of this video song is just 10 MB. Rapidshare link è...
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    ‘power calibration error’ .....

    I’m using NERO 6(from my original CD) for burning CD’s on my laptop(just 6 months old), but from last of some days it is first showing a power calibration error & after that step it is showing a invalid write state. I’m can’t able to understand that what is meant by ‘power calibration error’ &...
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    plzz suggest me a good webside for.......

    Can any one of you guys please suggest me a good webside which keeps a list pre-recorded of the websides which I want to surf & I surf the sites from my database, actually I know more than 125 websides from entertainment to studies type webside & every when I surf I forget one of oer more...
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    how can i download songs from .......?????

    thankx for ur replies......digit forum is just going to rocking every one...... thankx once again for ur replies.....:D
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    how can i download songs from .......?????

    hello!! friends....:D recently i have joined the "youtube.com" webside but i can't be able to downoad even a single song frm the site. can u tell me up that how can i download the songs frm the site & if u have any software that help me to download the songs frnm the site then plzz provide...
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    BSNL to offer 2 MB broadband from january @ Rs250 per month!!!!!!!

    can u plzz tell me that this offer is avialable with bsnl postpaid mobile connection tooo, or noo???
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    my control key is working like a monster.......

    thankx 4 ur suggestions...... but don't u guys think that 3 a's give me extra security coz i have readed in sum books that one antivirus is not a complete solution for today time & that's y i have insatalled 3 antiviruses at a time........wat u think??????
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