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    dad not allowing for 6k come online man ..:-|:-|
  2. Roadripper


    i ll buy for 6k if ur interested...:grin:
  3. Roadripper

    5 Month old N81-3 | Superb condition

    whats the last price need it for sis
  4. Roadripper

    FS : Nokia N82 - local warranty 6-7 months old

    what the last price u would sell wingy..:grin:
  5. Roadripper

    FS: Paypal $$

    Received it thanks a lot buddy..
  6. Roadripper

    Fastest Browser..(based on personal experience)

    FF FTW but iE 8 damn fast on vista ultimate...:-)
  7. Roadripper

    BSNL EV-DO Datacard – Review

    I am confused whether to buy or not .. coz morning i ll be office and i come 2 room by 10 or so then i want to use net and i sleep late til 4 or so .. which one shud i go i want cheap and affordable coz morning i wont be using from Mangalore donno if EVDO tower is there here... wat do guys /...
  8. Roadripper

    Father rapes daughter

    ssaala beti koi bhi nahi choda feeling sad for the poor daughtere... burn all involved.. alive...:evil::evil:
  9. Roadripper

    Buyer's Beware: Cheater in Digit Forum

    ^^ always get cash to ur bank aco**** and then send goods..
  10. Roadripper

    Code For 1 Free Godaddy Domain Registration

    i ll let u know if i need one okie..my friend mit want ..:smile:
  11. Roadripper

    Reliance USB Modem for Sale

    wt about reliance net connect and al .. those are similiar to bsnl evdo s rit ???:sad:
  12. Roadripper

    *Brand New* iPod Shuffle 1GB w/ Warranty

    if u could reduce and put on eaby i might search for 15% coupons
  13. Roadripper

    Buyer's Beware: Cheater in Digit Forum

    sorry for u ... bt u shud hav first transfered cash to ur account then send ...hope for best ..
  14. Roadripper

    FS: Paypal $$

    are rohit mere dost ko chaiye re he wants 30$ re tera account details de de i ll transfer 1500
  15. Roadripper

    Reliance USB Modem for Sale

    more info pleas is ti broadband speeds ???
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