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    smart phone under Rs-13000

    Lumia 510 is the best choice for now in this range with 5 MP, 2596х1948 pixels, autofocus camera 800 MHz Cortex-A5 CPU Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS
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    how much google pay for their adsense?

    Yes, you can apply for an Adsense account anytime. It totally depends upon you. :)
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    Can't download any torrent

    I have also seen problems with some torrent sites specially kick***torrents. But yesterday I downloaded one software from a torrent site (torlock) and it was working perfectly fine.
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    Operators warn of 'missed calls'.....

    It's not about cloning only but sometimes these numbers charge you a very high rate for calling.
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    Google car. will it work in India?

    This is exciting for sure but no chance of getting success here.
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    music cellphone (3k-6k)

    I think for music, Sony Ericsson is little better especially Walkman series. So if you are okay with budget, then go for it.
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    Cell Phone suggestion under 17K.

    If you are interested in Android then Motorola Defy Plus (as @thetechfreak suggested) is a better option.
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    12 cities name to be changed

    Well, changing the name of a state can't help the people anyways. We have better things to do in this country rather.
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    mobile 20k max..plz help

    I don't know why but as soon as Galaxy R's price dropped, it became Out of Stock everywhere. Anyways it is a decent phone but battery is little weak.
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    Opera Mini 7 Launched!

    Not for Android, 6.5 is still the latest one. :(
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    Poor Jokes Thread

    Another PJ: Q: What is height of Fashion? A: Dhoti with a zip.
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    Hi guys ,help me for a laptop

    Don't go for Dell, battery backup is not good. Rather check Sony Vaio as suggested by @aroraanant, better than Dell anyways.
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    i7 laptop for < 50k

    Ya, Asus is a good choice with best features in that range.
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    Suggest me an android phone within 25k-30k

    If you can extend your budget a little then go for Galaxy Note. Else Galaxy SII is better.
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    How to deal with temp file in window 7?

    You don't have to do anything. Just install CCleaner and easily remove the junk.
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