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    Review Your Apps/Games Here !!!!

    I remember Symbian S60 supported good "Answering Machine" software.But,I couldn't find any reliable answering machine software on Play Store, Any one tried? Kindly share your experience!
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Android smartphone: 5" capacitative touch(480x854),dual sim,1.2GHz dual core proxy,with latest Jelly Bean 4.2.2,5MP cam back and vga front cam,512MB RAM,4GB ROM,FM Radio+,2000mAh battery with 250hrs standby and 7hrs talktime,HSPA+,GPS+,expansile mem upto 32GB card,sales pack...
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    How to get FM Radio on Apple Devices ?

    Very Simple.........! Buy one Stereo Bluetooth headset like Sony MW600 and enjoy built-in FM radio stereo!
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    Samsung Galaxy S4 Thread

    -------------gr8 news----------------- S4 price dropped to 39,799.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Samsung Galaxy S4 Enjoyyyyyyyyy!
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    BlackBerry Z10 Thread

    Dude,chepaer BB 10 is on the way..........,we'll have a chance to taste it ........R series! this image gives a clearer look at the design, specifically the QWERTY keyboard and the display (resolution of 720 x 720). Apparently the R-Series will hit the market in Q3/Q4 with a...
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    BlackBerry Z10 Thread

    Re: BlackBerry Z10 launched in India for Rs 43,490 With the introduction of new BB 10,safer encryption of emails is almost gone,so we can't believe Z10 for its real PUSH value! Moreover,with more and more concentration of 'Social Networking' concept,the necessity for quick email is a joke! We...
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    iphone 5? case or no case?

    Only scratch-gard is required for front display.Aluminium back and the rim helps in heat dissipation,so don't cover it with any case, Keeping it bare makes long-life!
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    Cheapest Phone with Wifi HotSpot

    U Got it! Look no further, Just go ahead! Enjoy Huawei U5510 - adexmart
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    Apple iphone 5 Is Finally Out

    After all,phone is a phone......! All companies earn by making us fight! Start enjoying! I think I'll buy iPhone 30! Enjoy!
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    New Nokia Lumia 820 And 920

    //mod edit
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    Droid versus Ios efficiency.

    The very advantage of Android is even a common man buy and use it, But,iOS is meant for only 'Wealthy People' Be happy with what you have!
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    iQuery Regarding iPhone 4S & iPad 3

    Both Airtel & Aircel sell only Factory Unlocked iphone 4s,you can buy iphone 4s from airtel and use aircel sim & vice versa! u can choose any 3g/2g plan of your choice!
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    # MyWiFi - MiFi device,a Mush Have now!

    ^^^^hi,you can try this one?! : Pocket WIFI with battery MIFI mini 3G portable router | eBay
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    Official Blackberry owners discussion thread

    hi dhanshh, did u check dtls of os 7.1, check here: BlackBerry 7.1 OS and New App Updates Now Available! Inside BlackBerry - The Official BlackBerry Blog
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    # Additional phone by Bluetooth?! Funny Device?!

    Whatz dhis device? Anyone tried? Will it be helpful? Check out: Some ebay seller is selling this one,reliable? dunno? check: GMATE SIM DEVICE -"MAKE IPOD TO IPHONE" IPAD,IPHONE & ANDROID TO DUAL SIM MOBILE | eBay
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