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    which is best bookmark manager

    i actually run Linux and Windows, and have to hop back and forth a lot. Foxmarks (Firefox) does all the work for me, it's beautiful..haven't used any other bookmark tool since then since i don't even realise which OS i'd bookmarked a page in. Although, i haven't tried any of the other...
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    Windows XP crash - blue screen of death

    that reply actually helped. I hope it helps someone else. Thanks.
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    modifying removable drive

    I have a 160 GB hard drive (a normal computer hard drive) which i've converted into a removable sort of a hard drive, adding the casing. It's basically divided into 4 partitions, 2 Fat32 and 2 NTFS. Since i use Linux most of the time, i'd like to convert all the partitions into Ext3...
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    Windows starts physical memory dump every time Skype starts (blue screen of death)

    Re: Windows starts physical memory dump every time Skype starts (blue screen of death Well there are a few solutions to it, but it's basically based on figuring out which drivers are broken and then working towards fixing it. I think it's just that it's more difficult to figure out which...
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    Windows starts physical memory dump every time Skype starts (blue screen of death)

    haha, well i do run kubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 most of the time, using windows for photoshop and other annoying programs that providers won't make for Linux. Well, i already have Skype running on Linux, but since i'm running the Gutsy beta, and using the vostro 1500 which is only getting popular...
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    Windows starts physical memory dump every time Skype starts (blue screen of death)

    hello everyone i own a dell vostro 1500, dual booted with windows xp and kubuntu (gutsy 7.10). A few days ago, my windows mysteriously crashed giving me the blue screen of death. I asked for help here, and thanks to someone on here, got my windows working. Everything was working fine...
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    Windows XP crash - blue screen of death

    Hey, Sorry, i'm not a Digit reader man..i just find this forum extremely helpful. If you could just maybe tell me where i could read the article, or something..it would help a lot.
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    Windows XP crash - blue screen of death

    Sorry for the late reply, i had the subscription on instant notification so i thought i didn't get any replies. As i said, the recovery is not an option, there are no previous restore points. Also, what do you mean by the RAM modules? i'm dual booting my computer, so all the files are...
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    Windows XP crash - blue screen of death

    Right, i have a Dell vostro 1500 with; 120 gig SATA 2 GB DDR well, that's about it i think.. OS installed; Dual boot with windows XP home edition and Gutsy Gibbon Kubuntu 7.10 via GRUB I was not home, and my room mate accidentally crashed my windows. HE says that he'd been using the...
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    Centrino duo same as core2duo?

    Hi, i recently got myself a dell vostro 1500, and the sticker on the top says "intel centrino duo" and the one on my invoice says "intel core 2 duo" Are these the same processors? because if they are different, i need to call Dell up asap! Help!
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    Setting up a router for wireless

    Hi there, I'm an Indian student in the UK and I live in a house with 3 other friends and we finally got an internet connection (a 4 mb/s) and want to share it with a router. Now i know nothing of routers or networking so i went to a second hand shop and got a Belkian (sp?) router (because i...
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    Configuration question

    Hi, i've recently moved to the UK for education, and need to buy a laptop. I'd posted threads before about choosing a laptop (Dell Vs. HP etc) and i'd decided to buy a Dell inspiron 1520, which set me back about 51k. Unfortunately, the 1520 series has a 5 week waiting period, and i'll...
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    Format issues

    Ah, alright..Thanks. :)
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    Format issues

    in the first case, it's a new HDD, so it's never been formatted, which means that it does not get detected when i make it a removable drive. About the second one, How do i format the linux partition? do i insert the removable when i'm on linux?
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