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    Must Watch Movies in High-Definition

    Advent Children HD - if there's one
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Saw Hot Tub Time Machine 2 last night. Pretty much so so... :) Rate 5/10
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    Flash and Arrow thread

    Is the Flash finale up already?
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    Will Console/PC gaming die?

    Still posting in 2015. Still, the best gaming experiences are in PC/Console. It will be there for a long time. Unless, virtual reality gets better and cheaper.
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    Do you miss the Start Menu?

    In 2015, they've put it back on Windows 8.1 but not really the old school start menu :(
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    If possible which superhero/mutant powers will you choose

    Good Old thread. I'm liking a Shapeshifter (like Mystic) or a Time Traveler or as simple as a Instant teleport. :)
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    Is our generation ADDICTED to mobile/tablet much?

    Most people i see on the train are either playing games, listening to music, watching a movie, reading an article via phone, or texting chatting. I mostly do listening to music and texting / chatting (mainly for the purposes of urgent things needed to attend to). My point is... yeah. the more...
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    Powerful Earthquake hits Nepal

    RIP to those who perished and loss of lives.
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    Mumbai's Aruna Shanbaug Dies After 42-year Coma That Followed her Rape

    Finally she can rest. I saw the news and it saddens me yet a bit of happy for her for being free from the trauma and coma. May she rest in Peace.
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    Marvel Future Fight

    Anyone playing Marvel Future Fight by Netmarble games out there? Let's discuss here.
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    Post Amazon Free App Of The Day Here.

    Amazon Free App of the day guys. European Mystery: Face of Envy Collector's Edition (Full)
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    need new 1 TB External Hard disk Suggestion ?

    I just bought WD 1 terra a month ago. I've always used WD. So far it's pretty well does the job for me.
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    The Witcher 3

    What's your pc specs?
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    Galaxy Note 2 Fell in water

    2 months is very long dude. Still, good luck on your side.
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    CS : Go

    I love this game. I've temporarily stopped playing due to my laptop's gone. I need to get a new one. I like using AWP, and M4a1 and of course Ak47 :D
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