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    Moto G 3rd Generation Discussion

    Hi.. i recently purchased motorola g3 from flipkart im tne month of august so far i'm my mobile worked well , i;m happy with it all of sudden one day i saw glittering light at the bottom of the mobile , i immediately called flipkart and told the problem through phone and hr guided to me near my...
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Hi recently i installed crysis 2 when the game starts the screen goes black only green colour mouse appear s no display help me out to fix the problem i'm using asus gtx 660 2 gb
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    vfm 5.1 speaker for pc

    i'm using edifer da 5000 pro for couple of months its sound quality is better than f6000 but f6000 is cheap for 7k and edifer da 5000 pro is 10k when i had brought, both are 5.1 home theatre its up to you
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    can asus gtx660 dc2 2 gb handle upcoming games in 2013.... ?
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    Which bike to buy?

    Go for ktm duke best in its class
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    vfm 5.1 speaker for pc

    dude go for fenda f6000 its under 7k F&D F6000U 5.1 Multimedia Speakers - F&D: Flipkart.com it can be used as 2.1 for music too
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    Nvidia drivers killing GPUs, Don't install anything after 320.18. Edit: Issues are now fixed.

    i didn't know exactly how long in 320.18 now updated 320.49 wqhl on july 1 ..... my asus gtx idle temp is 38-39 load 59 is there any problem in it ...... ?
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    Nvidia drivers killing GPUs, Don't install anything after 320.18. Edit: Issues are now fixed.

    i have installed 320.49 before two weeks in my asus gtx 660 v2 please help me out how to revert it ...
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    Crysis 3

    i have problem in playing the game its always error like dll file is missing ... how can be rectified or have to re-install the game
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    2.1 speaker for 4k

    sorry for late reply i had spakers like creative t6160 changed to f&d f6000 as per your suggestion after some months i sold to my friend for 6.8 who is very interested in it .then brought speaker from f&d dealer f323 2.1 really nice speaker at the price of 1.8k remaining money went to...
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    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    need for speed hot pursuit 2010, nfs mostwanted completed crysis 3 completed nfs run playing,resident evil 6 started ,far cry 3 started like to play action games and racing
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    Edifier C2 review

    currently c2 plus not available in india different in sub 18 watt for c2 and 35 watt or more for c2 plus in india they are clearing stock of c2
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    asus xonar dg problem

    i had used the setup xonar as shown in the picture but its now working beep sound and all coming from speakers but other sounds not is coming please help
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    asus xonar dg problem

    hi i brought new asus xonar dg after install when i plug my 2.1 speakers the jack detention is not found the sound is not coming in asus xonar dg..... plug all the jack but not Automatic jack-sensing please help curently using onboard audio
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