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    Calling MacBook users:Ram upgrade question

    oh allright ! i think ill just fork out extra money and go for the authorised upgrade only ! who wants troubles in the middle of recording something eh ! thanks man !
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    Paid hosting needed ! 2 of the best with amazing service ! have accounts on both of em !
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    Calling MacBook users:Ram upgrade question

    Thanks nepcker, however i was more interested in what Macbook users have to say since i am a little cautious about installing third party RAM in the mac seems like not many people on mac's on this forum :) thanks for your help anyways !
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    Is Qara net good

    IqARA speed is unstable and has gone down over a period of time... i used to get 22-24 KBps on my !92 Kbps unlimite connection... now i get 20KBps at night and around 12-14 KBps in the day ... sometimes i even get as low as 4-6 KBps and most of my torrents refuse to go beyond 1KBps.... i called...
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    Calling MacBook users:Ram upgrade question

    hey guys ! I am curious have any macbook users here added extra RAM to their books ? If you have then i have a few questions 1> did you do it via an authorised apple dealer ? what is the cost involved ? 2> or did you just go to the local market baught the ram and installed it yourself ...
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    need help in buying...a sound card for 845 -HE !!

    get the vibra its cheap and decent sounds good if he has creative speakers it will sound better unless he wants to do hardcore sound recording vibra should work well .. works well for most of the things.. cheerz
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    laptop for music editing

    appreciate your help man but to be honest it seems impossible to find soundcards other than creative..
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    laptop for music editing

    hey guys i am lookin gat buying a laptop primarily to be used for music editing along with other functions like surfing,photoshop,writing doc's etc etc are ther any peopel here who are using laptops to record or edit music ? does anyone have any recommendations ? in the budget i...
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    compaq laptop reviews

    hey guys has anyone had any experiences with compaq laptops in the past few months ? i am thinking of buying the Compaq Presario V3000 .. however i am not hearing many great things about them... so i am wondeering if anyone here has purchased one recently or if anyone knows about them esp...
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