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    Hardware price list/spec sheet

    Want to buy a decent mouse for my laptop.(gaming) My usage would be Counter-strike,DOTA. My budget is 1.4k I have narrowed down to: Logitech g300 Razer abyssus any other ideas.? give prices also.
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    Dell Inspiron 14R/15R/17R Turbo Laptop Thread

    Guys i just recieved my 15rse laptop.! I never have used a laptop before. How do i switch graphics from the intel 4000 hd to radeon 7730 hd..? isn't it supposed to be a automatic switch for demanding applications(games).? i ran the assassin's creed 3 on my laptop the graphics were shitty and...
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    the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread

    I was thinking of buying hp dv6-6140tx but I wanted to know if the i7 processor is 2nd generation or not.? Do you get the same ATI 6770 card with a i5 processor .? Model.? Also where can buy this laptop as it seems to be discontinued model. I live in navi Mumbai Thanks
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    GUYS..The best digi cam for 12k-17k..!Help..!!

    hiya guys..!need yur help..! guys i wanna buy a digital camera for 12k-17k price range...!suggest me the best options i can have..>! well i wud like HD enbled...nice zoom,of course nice picture quality,nd a wide variety of functions..!!!!!
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    ..i am a medieum level gamer.i was wondering tht if i buy a laptop...

    hi guys...i wanted a buy a gaming laptop under 45k ..well i3 or i5 based processor..which 1 to buy.?,,cud yu suggest some laptops too..! thnks in advance guys..!
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    The best gaming laptop..under 45 k..

    wht bout the msi series of gaming laptops.??worth ny looks.?? i want dependibility...gud battery life(if possible) gud customer care...
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    The best gaming laptop..under 45 k.. interested in knowing the names of laptops..under 45k which can be useful fr gaming...also.,..suggest some non gaming laptops..too..but mainly gaming..ty...
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    help needed on xbox 360...please help..

    thanks ethan hunt nd neeraaj..but can yu please tell me how exactly to go about it...i bought it frm CROMA....the electronics chain..yea its original cd..the problem is it wos working fine but suddenly one fine it shows me the disk is guys if yu cud temm how to go about it..nd...
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    help needed on xbox 360...please help..

    hey guys..iam a new xbox 360 owner just bought it in april this year..but i have a problem...i bought a gears of war 2 was running fine...but since my last play..i get a error message that this disk is unreadable...i have tried cleaning this disk..even searched the xbox site..but of no...
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    HELP needed on batman arkham asylum

    well...guys i just downloaded batman arkham shows me a error when i click on the desktop icon tht:failed to start application[9000] wot to do.??
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    the best games to play on xbox 360..especially longer ones ..!!

    please suggest me some more titles nd they hav to be long..
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    the best games to play on xbox 360..especially longer ones ..!!

    guys i need help here..see i just bought a xbox 360 but cannot decide on which games to buy..but the thing is i hav a budget fr 2 i wanted to know if yu cud suggest me 2 good titles which cud last fr a longer tym..means they dont get over in 1 month or so..according to my...
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    Xbox 360 Arcade + 60GB Live Starter Kit for only 12.5K (Hyderabad)

    dude..i noe this is a little boring but can yu gimme only the 60gb live starter kit..i live in mumbai....
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    where to buy a xbox 360 arcade..?.nd tht too the best deal...(shop contact details)

    hey guys..lets put in the shop names nd thier contact details..the places wher we can get the best deals..especiaaly in MUMBAI..!
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Re: All Graphics Cards related queries here. well thank yu guys fr helping me out ..1 more thing is nvidia gts 250 more powerful than hd 5750,hd5770.?also whu has more power consumption...? also please suggest me the best psu-gpu combo under 9.5k....
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