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HELP ME....help needed on batman arkham asylum

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well...guys i just downloaded batman arkham asylum..it shows me a error when i click on the desktop icon tht:failed to start application[9000]
wot to do.??


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It would be better if u buy it. Not only would u get tech support but also enjoy the privelage of being a true customer of a company at a maegre price of a game.


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And there are intentional bugs in the game which will piss you off. Well pissed me off too.
Going to buy it very soon (very much loved it, and it sure deserves those pennies).


^Try www.intencity.in. You will get it for cheaper than retail stores. Then again, you do have Ebay. :) Eitjer way, it is very cheap as well, just 699 bucks!

Also, buy the Game of the Year Edition.
wikipedia said:
On May 11, 2010, a Game of the Year version of Batman: Arkham Asylum was released in the United States. This edition includes four new challenge maps and is packaged with two pairs of glasses which may be used to play the game in 3D using an anaglyph image technique viewable on any television.
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