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  1. hariharakumar

    Some apps don't work on wi-fi, but work on mobile data

    try to contact the author of those apps via play store and tell them your issues
  2. hariharakumar

    Moving apps to SD card

    when you buy Android mobile always check for internal memory space, go for 64GB or higher
  3. hariharakumar

    Disk usage 100% and laptop lagging at times

    Stop indexing service also, it takes a lot of time and 100% disk usage
  4. hariharakumar

    Spybot or Malwarebytes !!!

    Try both of them, you might not know what they both catch on your system.
  5. hariharakumar

    Call/SMS blocker with no notification

    Yes TrueCaller allows you to block spam unwanted calls
  6. hariharakumar

    Multiple Facebook Accounts in a Single Android App

    this is the one you need
  7. hariharakumar

    new website ! ! !

    There is no ideal size, it can vary from 1MB to 10MB try Free Hosting, Paid Hosting, Paid Web Hosting, Free Web Hosting, Reseller Services & VPS Servers : Byet Internet Wordpress is for Blogs, Bootstrap is for tablets and mobile website designing There are many, try sublime text, notepad++
  8. hariharakumar

    Firefox plug-in !!!

    try FlashStopper add-on should do it easily for you, both Flash and HTML5.
  9. hariharakumar

    Any Windows app to take repeated screenshots of specified area?

    Kind of both, screen recorder and video editor.
  10. hariharakumar

    Any Windows app to take repeated screenshots of specified area?

    Camtasia studio is a video editor it doesnt take any screenshots. Try Snagit, it will take fixed size screenshots like custom width and height. But it is not free you have to try trail or buy full version.
  11. hariharakumar

    Any Windows app to take repeated screenshots of specified area?

    try snagit or winsnap, but you dont get repeated screenshots on a selected area, you will get only one screenshot per selected area.
  12. hariharakumar

    Download apps

    You can try Tubemate it does its job perfect. I tried it before and it worked well. I am not bothered about ads when it is doing its job.
  13. hariharakumar

    Messed up Firefox after creator's update

    may be you should read this article on Mozilla Recovering important data from an old profile | Firefox Help
  14. hariharakumar

    Pen drive not copying

    dude you need to read this forum post replies error 0x80004005 in windows 8.1 when trying to copy files to a different drive. - [Solved] - Windows 8
  15. hariharakumar

    Google Analytics - help needed

    I have installed google analytics plugin on my site. Every thing worked fine. But after some days analytics started to log visits of my site login and logout page. I had a look on the login page, there is not analytics code present. What should i do to remove logging of login and logout...
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