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    An interview with Ankit Fadia

    Ankit Fadia, India’s first and youngest ethical hacker. kitni galatfahmiyan hoti hai logon ko :lol:
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    Want to sell Digit Magazines from Nov 2005 to Dec 2007

    I want to sell Digit Magazines from Nov 2005 to Dec 2007 with all the available Fast Tracks and DVDs. Only Nov 2007 issue is missing. Interested ones can pm me. I tried to create this thread in Bazaar section but i guess it will never show up there. :rolleyes:
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    Anyone sells paypal $$ here?

    Anyone sells paypal $$ here? I need around 50-60$. :) I will pay in Indian rupees.
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    un-OFFICIAL thread of Cricket Chat......

    So always batsman have to win the game for india? Bowlers kya parosi ki shaadi mein aaye thay. They leak almost 300+ runs in every second match. Pathetic indian bowling attack.
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    un-OFFICIAL thread of Cricket Chat......

    bas internet ke world mein chakkar laga raha hu jaise earth lagati hai. Match ne dil tor diya. :(
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    Airtel drops broadband tariffs by up to 43%

    I hope MTNL does it also. 15th august is coming up and they will introduce new plans.
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    Do u smoke/ Drink?

    I dont smoke and drink. And I am honest about it.;)
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    I made accidental clicks on my ads, i reported, google treated me well!

    Gigacore should participate in "Sach ka Samana" ;)
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    Please vote for me

    Done. ;)
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    sach ka samna

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    sach ka samna

    hmm "Rakhi ka swayamvar(sambar vada nahi :rolleyes: ) " ke 3-4 seasons ke baad baat ban hi jayegi.
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    Happy Birthday Gigacore a.k.a Santhosh

    Fixed and Happy Birthday Gigacore.
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    racist attacked on indians..

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    Amitabh Bachchan turns down Australian doctorate as mark of protest

    +1 and do you know they go to australia for shooting many of their films.I hope he wont visit that place again.
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