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    msnmsgr-know when others r online even if status offline

    the easiest way is to check a mail containing ur buddys id in the TO list.there will be an online status icon :D besides it.u culd also use the plugin form
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    Which Burning software u prefer?????

    by par nero 7 is the best.its GUI is so well done.and its user the end of the day that is wht u need in any software.
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    Computer Serious Error

    hey check ur BIOS settings and if u know i repeat IF U KNOW check that th RAM are [placed firmly in their slots,cuz u said u had opened the cabinet for dusting. good luck
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    yahoo messenger problem

    bro thts not ur prob.this syndrome happens because of two things 1.slow internet speed(i mean real slow) 2.ISP server is packed try it at times when ur net speed is decent.
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    lyrics site

    the best site so far hindi lyrics is concerned is http:\\ they hav got a huge collection of songs nad wht more its FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i found these 2 websites interestin too http:// games/games-wallpapers-26.shtml i hope u enjoy them.
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    Suggestion Box

    finally........ ok here is my list which has been on my mind for so long 1.more news about latest games. 2.more articles about computer and its applications in different fields. 3.and pls dedicate a page or two(the more the better) on sound editing and dj softwares. thnks regards danny
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