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    Best Diesel Hatch - suggest

    Whats wrong with the Fiat Punto ?? My friend owns one, compare to any of the models mentioned here, I find it best in terms of Space and ride quality (suspension feels far far better than any other hatch).. yes though he seems never happy to take to service :P but as a car i love the driving...
  2. Choto Cheeta

    Bike with good mileage for daily use

    Honda twister is not a highway bike and the default tires given to it is good but not meant for knee touching cornering.. If you are looking for highway runs, then i dont think CB Twister aint a better option. However its a good city commuter with excellent mileage.. It's just my personal...
  3. Choto Cheeta

    How to Do: Partition, Install New OS, Data Transfer, on a New HDD

    ^^^ Usually its because your system is not having proper VGA drivers... Please install your graphics (VGA) drivers :) thanks.. PS.. you may get your Install VGA drivers from here http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/sb/CS-022898.htm considering you are using onboard VGA :)
  4. Choto Cheeta

    win xp prob

    May be setup didnt go well.. As its a new Installation recommended would be you continue and do a complete re-installation :)
  5. Choto Cheeta

    How to Do: Partition, Install New OS, Data Transfer, on a New HDD

    There are no such Windows from Microsoft.. Microsoft Windows XP has 4 retail versions, Windows XP home / Windows XP Prof / Windows x64 and last of all, Windows XP MCE.. It seems you are using a Pirated and modified software which is certainly against the TOS of Microsoft Windows.. The forum...
  6. Choto Cheeta

    How to Do: Partition, Install New OS, Data Transfer, on a New HDD

    Hello, Your OS installation Disk will have a simple wizard to create partition :) Subjective question :) it depends on the need of users, but generally with todays OS as such Windows XP or Vista, NTFS is the way to go :) If its Windows Vista then OS will come with some default driver.. all...
  7. Choto Cheeta

    Hosting a Website

    Sky is the limit for the word best :P Microsoft.com / Google.com / Yahoo.com is also a web site... The type of web hosting they have can come close to the word best web hosting.. Neither we can afford that type of hosting nor we need that type of hosting... The main thing is to understand the...
  8. Choto Cheeta

    Is Seagate Really Going Down?? Hard to grasp!

    Its just recent that I finding it nightmare with Seagate 32mb buffer drives... Bought few 500 GBs and all these are really really giving hard time with reliability :( How ever, I am still a happy Seagate customer as all driver purchased previously are just working fine
  9. Choto Cheeta

    World's smallest burning apps

    Source => Choto Cheeta Online Its been like a monopoly for Ahead with their burning application NERO. It has almost become one of the must install application for many PC users since it comes bundled with almost all major DVD / CD burners !! However Nero is an expensive software and under...
  10. Choto Cheeta

    unable to open blank dvd or cds

    What is your OS ?? Usually we burn Blank DVD / CD, so why would you need to open some thing which has nothing ?? can you burn them using your system ?
  11. Choto Cheeta

    RelianceNetConnect Broadband?REview..

    There are no unlimited plans available for Reliance NetConnect EVDO service compare to BSNL, reliance will charge Rs. 2/- per MB after you cross their given DATA limit !!! Here is comment which I have received in my blog about Reliance NetConnect from an user who claimed to be using it for...
  12. Choto Cheeta

    Indian Army fears China attack by 2017 !!

    Wont be that easy... If china wants total control of the area.. Its not India what they have to take down its Rusia and USA backed Japan what they have to face... If china wants they have enough power to take down India even right now.. So why they are not doing it ?? Few every simple reason...
  13. Choto Cheeta

    WTF!! Congress Vs. BJP on Google Adsense

    There is a big deal when you manage your ads in Google Adwords... Vast panel you know.. You get to manipulate many option to make sure you target the right visitors for you ads.. I dont know what Congress or BJP has done, but one thing is certainly, they are running one simple rule.. If the...
  14. Choto Cheeta

    Dual Core T2390 vs Celeron 560

    Its all about budget, if you can afford a better processor, then certainly, one must buy a better processor.. If compare with processors alone Then here is the chart.. Intel Atom > Intel Celeron M 5xx > Intel Core Duo (non 64bit) > Intel Dual Core > AMD X2 Athlon Mobile > AMD Turion X2...
  15. Choto Cheeta

    Acer 4530 Vs Acer 4730z ??

    Hi, Nvidia 9300 is far far better than G40 when it comes to GPU based application for example bit of gaming and external large screen hd movies... G40 would give you a decent 3.1 / 3 Windows Vista / 7 rating.. and would allow you to watch Full HD movies under your notebook however it would...
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