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    Headphone under 1000

    I will place an order for one these from flipkart tommorrow, Cash on Delivery - Sennheiser HD 201 - Sony MDR-ZX100 - Sony MDR-XD100 - Sony MDR-ZX300 - JBL AKG K402 I wanted to order XD200, but it is out of stock. Please suggest as i am really confused
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    Headphone under 1000

    I have finalized the list to the following after reading a lot of reviews, Which of these should i buy? philips shp2700 Sennheiser HD 201 Sony MDR-XD200
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    Headphone under 1000

    I am planning to visit Lynx store in Sec 10. What about the in ear options? I heard soundmagic pl21 is good
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    Headphone under 1000

    I am getting hd 180 for 1390 Rs, things are too expensive here because there is no supply
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    Headphone under 1000

    I know there are a lot of threads regarding this. But my questions are different 1) Which one should i buy? I bought Beetel Boom 10000 for 550 Rs sometime back, but they are a bit too heavy and tight. Also they make my ear and the backside of the neck pain. 2) Where can i buy them? I am...
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    Beetel Boom 10000

    Hi i bought the beetel Boom 10000 today from a local shop, but i can't figure out how to connect the transmitter. The content of the package are the same as on this ebay link eBay India: Beetel Wireless Headphone with Mic Mike FM Cordless TV (item 150585859814 end time 02-May-2011 10:14:29...
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    Huawei Ideos

    Finally bought Galaxy 5 for 9000 on 5th, sold my old nokia 2700 for 2200, galaxy is a good android phone :grin:
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    Huawei Ideos

    When will this mobile launch in India? Its available in US, I have been waiting since September for it, there's still no news of its release. Any news about this product????????
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    Favourite PDF reader

    I also use Evince, it's the best
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    No bro i sold it

    No bro i sold it
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Purchased nokia 2700 classic yesterday for Rs 4000
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    Is UR NOKIA geniune??

    Mine shows 03, is it genuine???????
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    Nokia 6600

    Selling Nokia 6600 Black The phone is in good condition No purchase bill Accessory: Charger PIC Expected Price: 2200 Location: Patiala, Punjab Patiala buyers would be preferred No problems in phone so far...Just upgrading to Nokia's N-Series
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    Post your latest Purchase

    I bought Odyssey OD 412 Mutimedia headset yesterday for Rs 250
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    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    Re: **Post all your BSNL Dataone Related Queries Here** OK, here's it in English. :) I went to BSNL office yesterday, they said that i will have to apply for a telephone connection first, and i will have to pay 500 Rs for that. Only then i can apply for Dataone connection. I will apply for 600...
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