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    Good reliable HDD needed

    For internal, look for WD black caviar which has 64MB cache and 7200 RPM. Cast is around Rs.4200.
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    Need 5.1 speakers for my creative X-Fi Titanium

    What is your budget? If you can spend around 18K, nothing beats Logitech Z-5500 THX certified speakers. My friend is using them and the sound clarity is outstanding. At 500 watt RMS and DTS sound, it is unbeatable speaker system albeit at higher cost. There are few good speaker systems with...
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    GPU Nvidia 580gtx OR Radeon 6970

    If you are not planning for playing in 3D in near future go for 6970 which gives very good performance and value for money IMHO. However 3D gaming is luxury for nVidians at least now. I know radeon can do it as well but nothing beats 3D Vision for now. Edit: I heard few guys unlocking 6950 to...
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    Need help... to buy online thru internet or offline @ hyderabad?

    May be something wrong with the assembling, but you will be there and can verify everything before you take out your system from shop. But once you are out of shop, mostly you will go to the respective service centers for any malfunction in parts. Anyway, good service means good customer...
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    Need help... to buy online thru internet or offline @ hyderabad?

    I don't bother all these unless I am getting what i need. After all you will not see each other after your purchase. Anyway, my interaction was not awful. I have directly went through the technician out there at the cellar and he was very helpful.
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    CM Enforcer or CM HAF 922

    If you are looking for using a 2.5 inch drive like SSD, then you may consider HAF 912 as well as it comes with convertible 3.5" to 2.5" bracket, though this is of not much importance if you do not plan for 2.5" ssd. I did not see any major difference between 912 and 922 that justify the price...
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    SMC Intl. is trying to cheat me.. please suggest.

    Agree they may not be doing fraud as they are ready to refund. But frankly speaking they are the most dishonest and unreliable seller online now. I don't think Dell or any other good company or for that matter even Indian companies like FutureBaazaar just refund the money after the payment made...
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    SMC Intl. is trying to cheat me.. please suggest.

    I did not get the speakers. Today they sent me a mail saying they will refund the money. First of all I am ditched, why they need to advertise for low price and increase it after paying and ask me to pay more. Please let me know how can I lodge complaint on consumer forum. 5500 for speaker...
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    SMC Intl. is trying to cheat me.. please suggest.

    Hi All, Recently I have bought Logitech Z623 speakers at Smcinternational dot com and have paid through the bank transfer method they asked. The total amount was 5850. After a couple of days, I recieved a mail from them and told that the price of the speakers is revised and asked me to...
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    Need help... to buy online thru internet or offline @ hyderabad?

    Shwetha Computers - this is the place I recently bought my system and they have MSI 560 Ti twin frozer II. And they have most of highend products available. The cost was however little more than 15K (couple of weeks ago, may be come down by now).
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    PC Buying Guide - July 2011

    Guys please suggest me the good gamepad out of the following three. 1. Razer onza tournament edition 2. Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows 3. Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2/ Wireless game pad F710 All of them have force feedback, Razer one is NOT cordless though. My first impressions...
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    UPS for gaming machine

    Thanks to all. Guys now I am confused. I was using my old PC with inverter on. That is when power went off, the inverter is giving power to my PC, that too with APC 600VA UPS. It is working fine and no problem till now as the old PC has not so many components. Since this new PC has loads of...
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    UPS for gaming machine

    Hello Everyone, I have recently upgraded my machine to the below config: i7-2600k, MSI 560-Ti, Corsair GT700 PSU, 24 inch Dell Monitor, 1tb HDD, 12GB Corsair Ram with Cooling fan, HP inkjet multi function printer. I have a Inverter backup with 165AH batter unit. However since the lag time...
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    Upgrade Advice? AMD X2 4400+ / Asus M2N-SLI / 8800GT to Core i7 / GTX 560 Ti

    Dell Alienware. This is very good except you can't play over 2 hours continuously. Otherwise be ready with Navaratna oil ;) . I too agree with you. I used to have AMD processors before ( I was fan of AMD in fact). But recently after migrated to i7 2600k, I came to know the real speed of this...
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    All webhosting and domain related queries here.

    Re: Looking for a WebHost As far as I know hostgator is the leader and they recently started their servers hosted in India, so your access times will be much faster if your target audience is India. If your target audience is outside India, opt for the US servers. www.hostgator.com...
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