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    AMD sued over allegedly misleading Bulldozer core count

    Re: AMD faces class action lawsuit over Bulldozer core count claims i thought he wants nvidia to get into him.
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    Lux Cojy or VIP

    i dont gate?? :hissyfit:
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    Lux Cojy or VIP

    Hellp friends, please help. I am unable to decide which to choode? I think VIP is better, but my firneds use Lux cosy and advise me to use the same. I am confused.:-( Also suggest some other if find it better than this 2. Also i see mod closing every stupod thred. please dont close this...
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    Used Nokia 5800 Music Express

    requesting mod to lock this thread
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    Best PS3 game

    Uncharted 2
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    Dead Rising 2 - PS3 - Sealed Copy

    your location?
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    Ms .net unhandled exception

    try reinstall .NET framework n repair registry using CCleaner or Registry mechanic
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    Turbo C/C++ and other junk compilers help, discussions and queries here

    Re: turbo c++ stopped working.. try us DOSBOX
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    PES 10 - Invisible ball Issue

    thanq for help i play fifa 11 now excelent game
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    Best mobo for i5 760

    avoid msi bad quality these days
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    Can not Install Pendrive

    i suggest backup n format windows
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    Svchost.exe error

    use good antivirus - avira antivir or avast scan well. mcafee is bad antivirus. or format windows
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    Super Meat Boy

    super meat boy remind me of super mario is a very gud game
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    Is height important?

    im short & i have 2 GFs
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    Which of these games would run on a 512kbps connection

    512kbps more than gud enough.. u have mtnl u should haveno ping problem...mtnl is best
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