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  1. Beckhamgal

    Facebook website redesigned yet again. Is it any good?

    The design is just okay. I wish they fix the chat.
  2. Beckhamgal

    No one is here?

    Well, I think TDF once again looks all fresh and breathing. Love this place! Good to see some old familiar names here. :)
  3. Beckhamgal

    Mobile in 5k needed

    Increase budget or get a Nokia 2700c minus s60, rest everything is there for around 4.4k.
  4. Beckhamgal

    Ragging an Education

    Should be banned. Nothing is important than life.
  5. Beckhamgal

    Wi-Fi Phone

    Hello guys, Planning to buy a new phone, basically a phone with wi-fi. And m completely clueless! The phone should be goodlooking. Need not necessarily be a touch screen. Edge, Good cam and good music are other diserable features. My budget is 16k. Suggestions please.
  6. Beckhamgal

    Help!! 7210 Supernova

    Using Moblie office
  7. Beckhamgal

    Help!! 7210 Supernova

    I m not able to install opera mini on my supernova 7210. It gets dloaded but dosent install. It says "Failed to connect". I m using airtel n hv a working web on my phone. Tried to install with different certificates but no use. Even tried opera mini 3. Checked APN settings; they are cool. What...
  8. Beckhamgal

    please suggest SE phone in 5k range

    Get a Nokia 3110c for 4.6
  9. Beckhamgal

    Talk endlessly for Re.1???

    Read more here
  10. Beckhamgal


    5 yrs? are ya serious?!?
  11. Beckhamgal

    "Frustrated victim of chain mails"....

  12. Beckhamgal

    "Frustrated victim of chain mails"....

  13. Beckhamgal

    What kind of Zoozoo are you? - Vodafone Quiz

    Busy ZooZoo
  14. Beckhamgal

    Law as a career - Need Information

    Me too applied for CLAT as a backup:D. But m not gonna appear as i hv already cleared NIFT. Coming to ur question. You can become a judge or a lawyer in LPO or NGO. In the law course, a student is made to undergo several internships in myriad fields-NGOs, Law firms, company and court...
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