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    which programming IDE to use?

    thanks everone for your replies. i think i'll go with visual studio express. is BlueJ a freeware or is a trial available?
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    which programming IDE to use?

    Hey guys i am new to programming and confused about which IDE to use i.e. borland or visual studio. i want to use it for c++, c#, java. pls help me out of this confusion.
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    10-12 K Cellphone

    yes, Krome M900i costs 11-11.5k. check out its specifications and price on www.indiagsm.com
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    10-12 K Cellphone

    6630 is a nice phone to go for...but i would also like to suggest Krome M900i which has Windows Mobile 2003 OS, 700MHz processor with 64Mb RAM, expandable slot, 1.3 MP camera, MP3/MPEG4 Player, MS Office, Pocket IE, bluetooth, IRda, WiFi. And it costs 11k.
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    Good MP3 player

    what about Transcend T.sonic 520. its a nice player with loads of features and good enough sound quality. offers 2year warranty and 1GB player costs only 5000. so u can buy quality headphones with the money u save. check out the features at www.transcendusa.com .... ipod shuffle sucks for lack...
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    good camcorder within 30k

    hi akshayt! i guess u should go for canon ixus 700. this is actually a digital camera but its video recording is very good too. And add to that it has a 7.1 megapixel lens (wowwwwwwww). U can have a sd card of 1gb and record an hour's video. i got my hands on it last week and take my word its...
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    problem with display

    do the colours keep fluctuating, like greenish then bluish and does tapping on the monitor also changes colours?
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    The Best Download Manager

    my vote for FDM
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    Wat tools do u use to secure ur PC?

    Zone Alarm Pro 5.5 NOD32 Adaware Spyware Doctor Spyware Blaster System Mechanic HiJackThis
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    problem with display

    the same thing happened to my monitor a few months back. its your monitor's fault and there is nothing wrong with motherboard. a part of your monitor called "EST" has been damaged which got to be replaced from a repair shop
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    which mobile for 8k?

    my friend wants to buy a cell for upto rs 8k. i suggested him ngage but he doesnt like it. so which other mobile in this range is best to buy?
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    mobile with best video recording quality?

    i am thinking to buy samsung D500. how does it fare compared to other phones?
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    mobile with best video recording quality?

    i am planning to buy a new mobile which would primarily be used for video recording and of course as a normal phone. so large in built memory or option for mmc card is also required.which mobile has the best video quality? there is no restriction on price range. i just want the best.
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    Suggest a software!!!

    i have a sony handycam and i use usb streaming to transfer videos to my pc but the quality is not good. what can i do to improve the quality of the videos tranferred? i have a dv port too on my cam but not a firewire port on pc.
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    which camcorder to buy?

    what's the difference between Hi8, D8, mini DV technologies offered by sony?
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