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    Starting a web hosting company

    As the title says says I want to start up a small web hosting company. I am thinking of buying a reseller account at the start. But I am confused as from where will I bring customers, which reseller account to opt for, etc. So guys, please be my mentors and guide me. Waiting a response ASAP...
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    [C#] Highlight focus of control

    As the title says, I want to highlight the controls with a blurred rectangle who contains focus. It will be very similar to Mac OS-X Style focus. Please see the attachment. I want similar focus rectangle on every control in winforms. Please reply ASAP. Thanks, Amey.
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    desktop effects

    Hello, I want to develop an application which gives effects to desktop. Say its like i want to develop a clone of compiz on windows. I dont want every feature, but i cant understand where to start. I am leaning towards directx and c++ for the 3d effects. I the first feature i am going to...
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    find location string from mobile using j2me

    hello, i didnt exactly get your idea. Can you please provide any tutorial on sample code for it ?? Also will it work without the need of cellid.
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    find location string from mobile using j2me

    Hello everybody, I want to find out the location string on non gps mobile. I searched the net but only found out abt location api. But the location api is used to for only gps phones only. Please help me...
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    The 121 Rupee remote control for your PC

    Please can you repost the links as they are not working...Also i am very much interested in your touchscreen tutorial as well...
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    expose clone

    thx forthe reply...but i want to build such desktop effects and expose clone in c#...
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    expose clone

    Hello everybody, I wanted to make a clone expose feature available in Macos x for windows vista in c#. Please guide me as i dont fromn where to start. Also i know c# so dont suggest for learning the language...
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    xbox 360

    Hi, I wanted to know tht can i buy a modded xbox 360 without fear of rrod ?? I am thinking of buying x360 the diwali offer starts. Then going to mod it for playing pirated games.
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    Budget HTPC

    any amd setups ??
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    Budget HTPC

    Hi..i want to build a budget HTPC. My budget is 7000. Only suggest cpu,motherboard,ram and graphics...everything else i hv. Please reply as soon as possible.
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    Get Geolocation Via Ip Address In Google Maps, I created this

    ok now getting it...also can u show me how you did this ?? Also is it possible to get the street address using just the ip address ??
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    Get Geolocation Via Ip Address In Google Maps, I created this

    hey how to use it...coz whenever i put my ip address it gives me wrong location...
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    final year project idea

    As the title suggest plz suggest any final year project ideas. (Degree comp.) ASAP
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    Game beta testing !!

    Hello everyone ! My name is Amey. I am currently pursuing engg in comp branch. I am currently having campus interviews going on. But the companies and jobs offerings are not of my liking. What i want to do is beta testing of games ! So can any one give information about this ?? Any company or...
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