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    Need In-ear phones around 2,.5K

    Hi all, I want to purchase a new set of In-ears. My budget is around 2,500 INR (can go a little up). I listen to all kinds of music and a bass lover.. please suggest me a good IEM. currently my selection is Sennheiser CX-300 mark II. thanks UPDATED : someone please REPLY.
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    Need comments on proposed first half of the 100K build

    if your system is mainly for gaming ... then 3570K is enough for you... cause games cannot utilize even 3 cores now a days so quard core will be enough... but if you are going to use heavy image and video editing or conversion then go with 3770k cause then you can enjoy HT.... and if you are...
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    Need help in configuration of new PC

    go with the inlet rig you mentioned... (better then amd one specially for price/performance basis) just change a few things switch the frontech keyboard mouse combo to Logitech mk260... and go and try at laxmi nagar too... and you can get this rig around 25 - 26K and as for the gaming your...
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    --::: Need Help - Gaming PC Configuration :::--

    firstly... Intel processors give better performance per core then AMD. intel build:- intel i3 - 2100 7k Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2P 3.1k 4GB corsair value ram 1.3k amd hd 6570 5.4k seagate/wd 1 TB 4.5k sony dvd rw 1k cooler master elite 310 1.9k corsair cx430 2.5k dell 17" E1709W...
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    Alienware X51 desktop config help

    +1 @OP you should go with the custom builds (assembled) PC as you can get better bang for bucks... cheers!
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    Want to buy new components...please help

    answers in same order... 1. yes your RAM should be same as that of the previous one in terms of speed and latency... 2. you can go with either hd5670 or hd6570. 3. cx430 is a good psu you can go with it happily..
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    PC Config under 19-20k

    +1 for this build..
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    Need help buying a new PC 100k

    finally yesterday got time to check manual overclocking... now running stable @4.2 with vCore 1.190V :) test with Intel burn test 20 tests... :)
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    Post your latest Purchase

    soon... most likely this weekend... cheers!
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    Which Motherboard ?

    get Maximus V gene eyes closed... :) get Maximus V gene eyes closed... :)
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    50k Gaming PC w/o keyboard mouse speakers headphones

    +1 for the build @OP dude its good build and if you go local shopping you can squeeze this to around 50k or 51K and Intel processors are better for other tasks then amd ( talking about current generations) so this setup will give you more performance then other one... and gaming performance will...
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    Post your latest Purchase

    MY Latest Build:- (got it complete last Monday ) @108K check my sig...
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    Need Suggesion for Old Components

    IMO try to clean the heatsink and anyother fan in the chassis and buy TIM paste .... i think that should solve the problem...
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    [URGENT] Please advice a gaming pc for 40-50k urgent very very urgent

    good build but can make a few adjustment cause you have a budget of 50K you can change graphics to sapphire hd 7870 @20K add more ram i.e 2X4GB ram @ 2.4K and new Psu corsair 500CX @ 3.9K total 50.3K this will give quite a performance boom for gaming at least mostly because of gfx. and cause...
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