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Playing XCOM-Enemy Unknown. Its addictive and challenging.

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My most experienced soldier just got KIA :cry:


I am the master of my Fate.
Completed Resident Evil Revelations 2

My Rating: 8.5/10
Story is excellent and also the sound effects and graphics
it has two endings (good & bad)

character switching at any time is unique to RE series

this game is much better than RE:Revelations and RE6, RE5


COmpleted Divinity original sin, holy crap this game's story is fantastic, and the end battle felt like an actual end battle was madafaking titanic !! unlike Dragon age Inquisition
and ill never forget this


Suspended playing metro 2033..that stuff is too spooky for my taste..

Started playing don Bradman cricket 2014 & NFS : Run !!!! DBC is probably the best cricket game out there!! Beautiful graphics, proper career play..the only problem I found :
1: fielding.. Sometimes the fielders take extraordinary ( impossible) catches..
2: cannot play this game without a gamepad.

NFS: Run is so far amazing.. Reached ranking of 85 after playing for 2 days !!


Very memorable, id rate it 8.8/10 ..
There's so much lore and content in this game, it took me about 80-90 hours to beat.. The game features two protagonists and during conversations between them, you will control both .. it feels wierd at first lol
Also, unlike bioware, there's no Black and white choices in this game, everything falls under a grey area ..
The soundtrack's the best part IMO
PS: If you are new to Turn based RPG, this might seem daunting at first but you will get used to it and learn to enjoy


Started NFS run yesterday.. Finished it today.. The story gameplay is very short.. Will start with challenges now..
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