XFX 8600GT - 5 months old for sale

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Hey guys, just because one stupid crap told that his xfx 8600gt s electric stove edition, dont come to a conclusion about XFX.
Once i owned a xfx 8600gt and that didnt produce that much heat.
80celcius was the maxmium temp of that card.
now i have bought 2x 8800gt in SLI from xfx and is really cool, even in temperature


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even i am a xfx user...no worries mate....most opinions are not informed..so dont fret


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I am attaching some pics for the idle and on load temps of the card. People who call this model a electric stove are most welcome to see these pics.

Idle temp: 48-49C

Load Temp: 65C


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haha, i'm just kidding. I'd totally recommend XFX, I'm using XFX8500 GT Alpha dog edition and it works awesome!! Its a renowned company when it comes to GPU. I'd close my eyes and trust.

Btw hows Assassin's Creed? Been wanting to play it for a long time now.

Cheers mate
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