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Isn't that what you see when you click on your name on the top right?
please notice any differences between my 2 posts contents.


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Is there any limit to PMs(now conversations) or they are unlimited now just like thread posts?
Don't think there's a limit now. Still finding my way around the settings so I could be wrong. There's a limit to how many people can be in a conversation though.


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This is some change. Looks good.

However, I have observed that the animated avatars don't animate. Fix pls.

Edit: Also, dark theme when?

Edit2: Ok, so I see that when I click on My Name > Avatar then it appears to be animating in the resulting dialog box. Otherwise, everywhere else it appears to be static.
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Not bad, this looks neat. The post count to be hidden in the future too? Kind of undermines long time users, no?


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OP badge is nice!

Black theme with red text is nice. My vote for that.

White text on black background is also strenous.

If you are using a dark background, please don't use any fluorescent color or white.
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