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After some discussions with the editors, and forum members, we decided to do this - give everyone a chance to get featured in Digit Magazine. We have a section called Future Feature, which is a science fiction short story.

-This is the most important thing, we are looking for interesting concepts, ideas and imagination. It is perfectly fine if your language and/or storytelling skills are not that great
-The length has to be 1200 words give or take 50 words
-A submission does not guarantee publication
-We prefer work that has not been published before, (apart from your personal blog), but this is not a strict requirement. If it appears in the magazine, you are free to publish it elsewhere. Please do indicate if the story has been previously published.
-At this time, the selection is pro-bono, (that is we do not compensate you monetarily), but we will provide a byline (we prefer to credit with your real name, but if you want to use only the forum name, that is fine too)
-We are likely to pick stories that are focused around science and technology
-You can post a new thread here, or if you are a lurker (yeah we know who you are), drop in a mail to editor@digit.in with "Future Feature" in the subject line

Members even if you are not participating by writing, please do contribute by posting ideas/prompts in this thread.

Some past future features to give you an idea of what has been published previously, along with the concepts included
-A convention of gadgets on Mars (robots, AI, interplanetary civilisation)
-A day in the life of a cyborg (4D printing, drone swarms, AR goggles, riot control trucks, re-constructive surgery, neural implants)
-Digital Zombies (mind uploading and downloading into constructs, cryogenics, virtual reality, identity)
-JWST finds life on TRAPPIST-1 (astronomy, biosignatures, biochemistry, exoplanets, real astronomical instruments planned for the future)
-The Fermitron Conspiracy (particle physics, particle accelerators, antimatter bombs, planetary defence, extraterrestrial civilisations, meteor strikes, 3D printing)
-Gifted: A futuristic retelling of the Gift of the Magi (code, AI, bionics, hacking, interplanetary civilisation)

If you cannot think of an idea, here are a couple of prompts to get you started

1. An entire ecosystem of sentient robots has come into being on earth. Humans are now being infected by paratisic microbots that aim to enslave humans. As patients with weird symptoms start flocking to hospitals, one Doctor discovers the parasite ...

2. The world has run out of fossil fuels, and Green Energy power systems around the world start failing (changing wind directions, dust blocking out solar panels, water levels rising above tidal power plants) because of a runaway greenhouse effect, as carbon sequestration techniques were not deployed in sufficient scale to keep the global warming in check

Finally, if you are posting a short story, please post in a separate thread.

Thank you.
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Interesting, I might try to come up with something, depends on time though. Is there any dead line on this?


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With all the references to forum in the magazine, and featuring threads in the magazine, I can see the efforts digit is recently putting in to increase traffic to this forum. And as much as this is commendable, the opportunity to get their stories published in the magazine is also a nice move.
I wish I had the time to write something though. But it will be interesting to read what this forums members will come up with!
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