Witcher 3 vs Metal Gear Solid V ◘ ◘WHICH ONE WILL BE THE GAME OF THE YEAR 2015◘ ◘

GOTY 2015 ?? Who Shall It Be ?

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I am surprised no one brought this up... anyways, here is my take.

Graphically, W3 is better. The landscape, the grass, the foliage, they just seem more organic compared the the jungles of Africa in MGS. The details on NPC surpasses MGS. MGS looks great, but its real meat is the superb FOX ENGINE
You see W3 is pretty demanding. Running the game on a Dual Core CPU is a No-NO. My Intel G3220 can barely run it for 15 mins before some stuttering will occur and make it crash. Even using the Dual Core Fix doesnt help. Even on Medium to Low settings, getting good fps in W3 is a challenge. Still, if you have the rig, W3 is best looking game outside Order 1550 (or whatever that game name is)
On the other hand, the FOX ENGINE runs awesome on every PC i've come across, including Laptops with 730M GPU. This is what good game engine should be like. Remember Witcher 2 from few years back? That game was a GPU killer. Konami pumped a LOT of $$$ into Kojima Productions for building this fine game engine from scratch. The money was well spent! I dont think CD Project has that kind of (time and) money. I played MGS V on both my PCs (G3320+R7 250@1050p and the other i5+750ti@1080p) and i was surprised that my experience didnt degrade very much when playing from my older PC. AS for W3, i was forced to play it on newer PC all the time.

Gameplay, MGSV is better.NO DOUBT. In fact, its the gameplay that saves the game from being over repetitive. W3 combat simply sucksss. And being to have only 12 skills(including passive, wth) at a time was a BAD move. NO I DONT WANT TO SWITCH PLAY STYLE. I like going swift melee build with some light protections spells ALL THE TIME....BUT NO the game doesnt allow me to enjoy MY PLAYSTYLE to the fullest. W3 got tedious after meeting up with Ciri. From that moment on i was simply playing to finish the story. Whats the use of levelling up when monster are ALWAYS below your level, and the SKILL POINTS are of no use cuz you are limited to 12 skills. Compare to the dynamic gameplay of MGS V...

Content.. well, a AAA title, of GOTY calibre needs content, a LOT of it. MGS loses this round. MGS ending felt unsatisfactory, and anything beyond Chapter 1 was, ughh...just stretching the game (plot wise). However, doing the same old mission in a more challenging setting was more fun than i expected. I discovered new ways and tricks to get missions done.
W3 has a lot of content, but were they interesting? The Baron quest line is the only one i can recall right now..guess the other quest lines were not as fun. But side missions were really better than expected.

Story lawlz, this is where both game faltered a bit, as in, they didnt meet the expectations of the fans. W2 story beats the crap out of W3... and MGS4 story beats the crap out of MGS 5 . But i prefer the whatever half assed story konami gave us. Did any one feel sad, remorsed, empty, vengefull, shocked etc etc while playing W3 ? I bet no one did. But MGS.... wow...it was something else...i actually felt a phantom pain inside me ...i am not going to discuss more on this, would spoil it for others. The acting and dialogues of MGS is Oscar worthy, W3 dialogues remind me of Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.

Multiplayer: I am still attacking other player's FOBs on the daily :) Too bad NO Multiplayer for W3.

Bugs: They say bugs and glitches are staple to open world games. Well Kojima says F**K YOU. MGS V is the most refined and polished OPEN WORLD AAA title OUT OF THE BOX in the past few years. W3 expansion is coming out soon and many of its day 1 problems are yet to be fixed. (ok the fob multiplayer aspect was messed up at launch but no multiplayer for W3 so HAHAHAH)

Sound The ambience and music in W3 is good, very Scandanavian, very Gaelic ...and the random sounds...it made the world feel very alive. However, MGS V hits the right spots on music and sound effects wherever it fits. The background music during Mission 45 !!!! GEEZUZ CRIEST! The official music album is worth the purchase. Quiet song, Sins of the Fathers... guys, check them out NOW!!! MGS never pulled its punches in the music department. Peacewalker anyone? Or how about Snake Eater? i could spend an entire day listening to all of MGS soundtracks.

This year its gonna be MGS V vs Fallout 4 for GOTY . Witcher 3 is out of the competition for me.

i think 2015 is a better year than 2014. 2014 GOTY contenders were Dragon Age 3 and Shadow of Mordor. WTF, what a sad year 2014 was..
ps#2 : Quiet is better than spoilt-kid-syndrome Ciri
ps#3 : damnnn i sound like MGS fanboy

(please feel free to express your opinions, whether they are biased or rational... lets share !!)
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This Poll is for "as of now" ..
The upcoming games could be good, or really bad.
But the games that have come out now can be judged by us.


Witcher 3 was obvious. Only Bloodborne had the potential to compete it but overall W3 wins.
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