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Window Inverter AC


Broken In
Hi Friends

My OLD (10 yrs) LG AC had a GAS leakage in 2 years (GAS was last filled in 2012).

Called LG their mechanic came and took the AC while inspecting they said compressor has also gone bad and gave a repair estimate of 14K. We are planning to get the Gas filled from a local shop and try to use the same AC for the current season however in worst case might have to buy a new AC.

I am really inclined for inverter AC. however i find all except hitachi (http://www.hitachi-happ.com.ph/02products/de_luxe_split_type.aspx?id=31 ) to be Split. The link of hitachi does not seems to be the indian website.

Seeing so many queries related to ACs on the forum I am sure there would be some people who would have done enough market research to advise me on window inverter ACs

my current AC is 1.5 ton and i am looking for equivalent. The budget is open however the cheap the best. I am in no mood for getting the current AC repaired coz of its age and want to move to more efficient technology.
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